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CrossFit Open Workout 20.1 Tips and Strategy

Warm Up

1) Begin by writing down this warm up
2) Puttin your phone on airplane mode
3) Setup your area and camera
4) Start Warm-Up

Forearm Mobilize
Hip Mobilize
Shoulder Mobilize

4 Min Air Bike *Build Up Pace*
4 Min @ Recovery Pace
*Every 60 sec after +5RPM

2 Rounds
8 BB Goodmorning
8 PVC Reverse Grip Pass Through
8 Hips Down Push Up
8 BB Bent Over Row
8 Hanging Scap Circles
All easy

(Build Up in Weight)
500M Easy Row

2 Rounds
4 Muscle Snatch @ Empty Bar
4 Burpee
10 Sec Air Bike…

3 Comments on CrossFit Open Workout 20.1 Tips and Strategy

  1. This messed me uppppp

  2. My tip is to do the workouts with proper form. I know that can be hard to achieve

  3. Everybody loves burpees….????

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