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CS:GO | Dust 2 – Uncommon/Unusual tips and tricks!

!! Sorry for the lag spikes at the start, don’t know what happened :/ !!

If you liked the video please let me know, I have loads of uncommon tips and tricks I can show in the future.

For the people who wanted a AutoExec download. Note: It’s not the “best” but it’s how I like it.

Please let me know if you think I should explain better next time.
Thanks for watching and don’t forget to comment and subscribe!

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20 Comments on CS:GO | Dust 2 – Uncommon/Unusual tips and tricks!

  1. I can never do the last jump

  2. How do you change in the split-second the gun from the right to the left hand.PLS answer thank you for great vid. Cheers from Serbia!

  3. How do you switch the weapon tho the right ?

  4. How do you get your crosshair like that?

  5. @TheGameProFreak how you change hands? right to left or left to right?? 4:17

  6. This doesn't work anymore right ?? At the b side?

  7. thank you for those tricks i never knew i was silver 2 and now im global elite for 2 hours just because of this tricks …. and i give dislike and no subscribe cuz im hater.

  8. You have no recoil D:

  9. The flash for a site is brilliant!

  10. That first spot is really good if u have a ssg. Don't know how many people I have picked off and btw u can jump higher on the same part

  11. What is the command for unlimited grenades?

  12. Nice sub count xD

  13. Tip: it's annoying when people do tips and they take forever, explain it, show it, and try to get to the next one as fast as possible. Ex: the part at b where you jumped on the box to do a head glitch.

  14. Ty helps alot <3

  15. What is the command you are using to get unlimited flashbangs?  I want to try out these spots before I go into competitive.

  16. What do u use to edit? just curious

  17. How you make the name of your knife in red or your ak in purple ? C:

  18. I still cant do the first one im trying for about 2 hours :D

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