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Dauntless – ALL 6 WEAPONS EXPLAINED + TIPS | A Guide to Which Fits Your Playstyle Best

In honor of the full release of DAUNTLESS on PC, PS4, & Xbox One, let’s dive in and break down the 6 unique weapons in the game. This guide will briefly showcase movesets, combos, special abilities, & tips.


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40 Comments on Dauntless – ALL 6 WEAPONS EXPLAINED + TIPS | A Guide to Which Fits Your Playstyle Best

    You can also perform a PIKE CHARGE by SPRINTING and HOLDING DOWN PRIMARY ATTACK. Great mobility option!

    [Weapon timestamps found below.]

    Dauntless is very similar to the Monster Hunter series but focuses on being more accessible and faster paced. If you are looking for a risk free way to try out one of these “boss fight, the game” style of experiences, this is the perfectly place to start since it has zero cost for entry. I am not associated with Dauntless in any way, I just like to highlight quality standards in the gaming industry and I feel like Phoenix Labs has done a really good job here.

    Patreon, the YouTube [JOIN] feature, and sharing my videos among friends, greatly helps to support Boomstick Gaming.

    I truly enjoy spreading the love of gaming and being able to interact with you all. THANK YOU! – Deadite

    AXE 00:29

    CHAIN BLADES 02:11


    WAR PIKE 04:34

    HAMMER 05:49

    SWORD 07:36

  2. this is literally a monster hunter ripoff

  3. in close range to a behemoth your ult will distance you, but in mid air use secondary fire to idk chuck a big rock at em

  4. I don’t know what to choose the chain blades or the hammer I need help

  5. Isnt this similar to Monsterhunter, with the wepon class and monster hunting. Im just saying.

  6. well you only showed the comos for x box

  7. "Bluntly explained, staggering" Alright, I see what you did there, I'll give you points for that.

  8. i didn't knew i could play with blades of chaos here, it's gonna be my main for sure

  9. I do better with chain.

  10. Chain blades copy of kratos blades of chaos

  11. mirip Errant Hunter soul

  12. Cheers for this vid bro

  13. dammit i was hoping to see a sword and sheild

  14. Fun tip, with the chain blades if you use the special ability and then use either x or y it inflicts high damage on the behemoth.

  15. I use a greatswotd. I'm much faster than dual wielders. In real life.

  16. With guns I was soloing Riftstalker, when all my teammates was dead in danger state when I can't res them (happens often). I think guns are best weopon in game especially when you land with shitty team. xD

  17. The sword and the war pike seem like my weapons. Can’t say I would want the heavy weapons. Look too slow.

  18. Skall would not be impressed with the pike and sword

  19. I haven't gotten to play the Kidz Bop version of Monster Hunter yet, but thanks for this vid explaining the classes. They are all kind of a mix up of the originals, but the gunlance is missing its shield and the greatsword doesn't have a block. Luckily these creatures look a lot easier than even a Rathalos, so I'm looking forward to trying this out tonight.

  20. Repeaters: Oh cool, super customizable guns.
    All the other melee weapons: Oh cool, melee weapons with unique abilities and playstyles!
    Hammer: Oh cool, wait… What the hell?

  21. Any and all credibility is lost when you're using an inferior gaming input device to play a game that's available on the PC. If I wanted to handicap myself I'd just tie an arm behind my back.

  22. I can't decide on the sword or the warpike. It seemed as if you went over the sword a little lightly. Good video I am just a newb and I can't choose. I like the aspect of cutting off limbs, but then again, I like the cold and brutal side of the warpike that wounds the behemoth.

  23. Hey man! Great content,I'm really enjoying watching! I love this game and do a bunch on PS4 on my channel too! Keep up the good work !

  24. I started playing this and I have been using chain blades

  25. Hammers: hammer time
    Sword: butcher time
    Axe: TIMBER
    War pikes: ora ora ora
    Chain blades: beyblade beyblade let it rip
    Repeaters: it's high noon

  26. Great review but you forgot to cover one thing by the Hammer.
    When you have charge cells you can use them to make more damage.
    If you attack with a normal attack ( square or X ) and press the heavy attack ( triangle or Y ) before the attack impact, the slayer unloads one cell into the attack, making alot more staggering damage.
    If you reload with R1, the cells are weaker compared to a a reload that is gained with a weak weak weak heavy ( the jump ) attack.

  27. I love chain blades thx so much

  28. I got TWO adds for dauntless while watching this

  29. Well when it comes to choosing a class……

    Tank class is what I pick

  30. Phoenix labs: Hey can i copy your homework?
    capcom: yeah just change it up a bit so it doesnt look alike
    Phoenix labs: Dauntress

  31. Who else tought of god of war when he saw the Chain blades

  32. damnt no dual blade? or bow?

  33. Sword is best for me because I can break part more easily

  34. I'm downloading dauntless right now and thank god I saw you video because I was having a hard time on picking my weapon when the game finished downloading

  35. Hi! Between sword and war pike, which one is faster?

  36. ty i insta uninstal

  37. Another game where the AI is so atrocious that you can literally stand there and melee the crap out of everything. No challenge = crap game. Why are all these games coming out that are nauseatingly easy?

  38. I honestly can't use anything except for the Repeaters. Sometimes the continued dps that's possible is just orgasmic. Molten powerups, paired with Emberman Lantern ability, Empowered reload and a Full bore chamber. So damn good.

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