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David Blaine Magic Tricks on Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 1

David tells us what its like to perform magic for people like President Bush and Woody Allen, and he reveals why Harrison Ford kicked him out of his house.

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20 Comments on David Blaine Magic Tricks on Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 1

  1. I fell asleep halfway through the interview…. juz kiddin!!! awesome trick tho

  2. what is the name of the trick?

  3. as you can see, the deck is actually already been switched before he starts pushing on the cards. It's the same amount of cards in his hand, he just has it spaced apart to be similar in size to a full deck. As he pushes down, the space decreases as the cards move closer together. Probably asked jimmy to pick a woman cause 90 percent of the time they pick hearts or diamonds. Still, a very cool trick.

  4. You can see Jimmy Kimmel is definitely NOT impressed, especially because he saw how the deck were spaced out, so it would seem that the cards are vanishing when Blane taps the deck.

  5. David Blaine is a dark wizard.

  6. Check my channel I'm better at magic.

  7. "David Blaine looks like his voice is putting is face to sleep"
    – mean tweets
    Best sledge ever

  8. this is ross geller

  9. David Blaine looks like his voice is putting his face to sleep

  10. Ya…I know all of his tricks..He bought an seven of spades sharpie penmarker and distruct jimmy..Then he used classic force to pick 7 of spades..Then he had only 12 cards..The trick was david blaine illusion trick from hester23bearch..That how he do it

  11. You know all the magicians watching saw him cut to a break for a classic force, he's just so good at it though!

  12. He forced the 7 of spades, then only had hears in the "full deck" (it's all the hearts that he bended in a way it would look like a deck, but it's just gaps between the hearts) now he just pushes down with the signed card put into the deck. I mean cmon, the force was so obvious. Just take a close look at how he shuffles the deck in the start. See that gap with his little finger? Boom trick doodled. I love D. Blaine btw #nohate <3

  13. that girl he asked was attractive

  14. 2:34 see the cards in his hand

  15. If you have time, watch from 2:00 till the end on 0.25 speed. Its like watching two drunk guys do magic. Pretty freaking hilarious.

  16. whats tge name of the trick?

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