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David Blaine Shocks Jimmy and The Roots with Magic Tricks

David Blaine performs several simple card tricks with Jimmy and members of The Roots before freaking everyone out with an illusion no one expects.

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31 Comments on David Blaine Shocks Jimmy and The Roots with Magic Tricks

  1. Do it on people from the crowd????

  2. Quest ain't feeling that voodoo shit!!

  3. Cards r stuck together by microchip they pick a number and backstage they remotely unlock the number they need to

  4. This guy isn’t even human

  5. Let Jimmy be excited man

  6. Dude! They cut the camera right as the guy was counting the 10 cards

  7. Bruh that frog was like “nah I’m not going in your mouth again, last time the other frogs made fun of me!”

  8. Okay is it just me or does Jimmy seem high af in this

  9. Frog:
    "Nice place nigga."

  10. Jimmy Fallon why dont u just shut the fuck up

  11. I love how serious David is while everyone is freaking out lol

  12. Blaine is good.. but first he flips the 3 cards as 1 for the downturn for 13, then he adds cards here If we didn't have rewind i'd be amazed.

  13. frog is a paid actor.

  14. U all know these magic freaks are satanic right?!

  15. ???????????????? Jimmy is becoming Over acting nowadays… Not natural

  16. How does he explain this to the TSA agent…

  17. Seems like a staged act.. I just don't believe theres a slight of kind at work here even less real magic..

  18. David breathes and jimmy freaks out.. now that I don’t know how that happened

  19. Hey out of his way or else he could split frog on u

  20. Watch jimmy blink on hearts and ace and 7 in the first trick.. idk maybe its just nothing

  21. Why does Jimmy OVER-SELL & OVERREACT & OVERDOES it

  22. Imagine how scared the frog must have been

  23. Mind blowing these guy is.

  24. First time when he puts it on the cards ♦️ he + to 3 and then gave it to him , the second time when he gets to ten for the first trek he puts the 7 cards on it… so 13+7 =20

  25. At 7:11 hi put more cards on top wach'it…and then do the trick

  26. at 7:11 you can see the 7 cards he put on the cards on the table.

  27. Except the frog thick every other thick was fake… So chill the fuck out

  28. Man. that frog thing was hilarious! i wasn't feeling particularly happy, but i fucking laughed when he said i want to put the frog back where it came from :DD

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