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Detailing Dirtiest Car Ever! First Wash in 37 Years Mercedes 280 SL

This was one of my favorite details and films I’ve ever produced. David has been asking his 83 year old father (doctor who work in NYC and travels back and forth to NJ daily) to pull his 1969 Mercedes 280 SL out of their old garage and restore it so it can be passed down to his grandchildren. David asked if we could pull the Mercedes out of the garage (where it has been for 37 years) and detail it enough so that it inspires his father to give the green light for restoration. Watch the step…

41 Comments on Detailing Dirtiest Car Ever! First Wash in 37 Years Mercedes 280 SL

  1. Regular people: Watching the video

    Me: *Looks for cursed comments

  2. Disappointed to hear "always throw away your towels".

  3. I loved seeing dads response! I was 6 in 1981. Feeling kinda old.

  4. 1:53 Safety gear for mouse droppings lol

  5. Expression of Father

  6. What kind of camera is this!!?

  7. How do I get you to detail my car

  8. You make exceptional videos, and you do a great job narrating what’s going on.

  9. Did they ever get this restored?

  10. He says it’s been there for 17 years now it’s 38 ok Obama

  11. "Spider webs, mouse poop and acorns" ????????, idk why that made me laugh.

  12. damn the man is 83 and still works!! what man

  13. Why is this so satisfying????

  14. What bout the tires

  15. ????????????????????❤️

  16. Back at the garage and clean it for another 37yrs

  17. I love this vid, but still can’t understand how somebody can casually place a car into a garage and just ignore it, especially a classic like this.

  18. Fino fino exelente nice ????????

  19. It’s crazy to think that when this guy bought this car in ‘72 (age 36) , he was still a whole 15 years ahead of my age now

  20. This car is the exact same age as my father

  21. Such a beautiful car.

  22. I hope "Dad" is still doing fantastic.

  23. My father gave me the best of the best, and I hope I can provide him with even better than the best. He drives an audi right now that he won't let go of sooooo…. maybe that's what i need to do next.

  24. When u trynna get grandads Mercedes

  25. Absolutely no reason to throw away your towels cause of some mould. They can easily be cleaned.

  26. Im a detailer.. you wash cars.. lol

  27. Really very good job . lot of happiness u free of cost with ur work to Coustmer nice work love u from India Punjab 144514 ????????????

  28. The inside is probably the worst I’ve seen, but the outside is A TON cleaner then my truck is. I mean it’s not dusty or covered in droppings, it just has a lot a mud everywhere

  29. i want to see how its restored

  30. So what was the source of they ghastly smell?…You never told us!

  31. Could you imagine going to drive your car into the garage and never touching it ever again for so many years?

  32. Man.. Contact him again and give us a video of this car running.. Like comment to agree

  33. What restoration shop were they using I was looking for a good one that can fix my 65 impala

  34. Why did he just park it up? i don't understand why people do that?

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