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Dirty chess tricks 4 (Two Knights Attack — Caro-Kann)

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19 Comments on Dirty chess tricks 4 (Two Knights Attack — Caro-Kann)

  1. hyy GJ_Chess black opens wth E5 or e6 and then he put queenf6??
    we cant use this move then

  2. I love your videos. I add your lines to my study of opening lines, to be aware if opponents play into your traps.

  3. what if the bishop just go back to its normal place not in the G6?

  4. if he does not take the queen the you have the same combanation as if you were to take the pond with the bishop ?!

  5. the bishop should not take the kings bishop pond, he should move his night , to king 5 , and let the black bishop take the queen then move in with the bishop for check mate

  6. i did that in a game and it worked 

    thanks :D

  7. this variation doesn't have an other name because I don't find any book about 2 knights attack?
    ps:continue your videos !!!! :)

  8. I like learning from your videos, they are instructive for beginners.  However, I would like to see a video on the ruy lopez which is a common opening in chess.

  9. hey gunjan awesome video!
    I have a doubt.

    At 4.27 wat if black plays Qd5.. How to respond?

  10. i thoroughly enjoy being greeted as a chess lover and friend.

  11. at 8:44 if you move the knight that is pinned to e5  that means that white is threating a mate in one and most of black players tend to capture the queen and after that you simply take the pawn at f7 and checkmate :p

  12. 8:21 queen capture that bishop den ??

  13. How is 9:33 a check mate? The pawn can just take the knight

  14. The amount of mindblown right know… this is amazing!!

  15. At 8:13 for the (black) queen is saved by sacrificing the knight by moving to E4?

  16. 8:43 – What if white plays Ng5 instead of Bxf7? Ng5 threatens mate on f7.

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