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Double Your Computer RAM for Free

➤NOTE – This video is a joke, but I have switched to only making REAL tech videos, see some here ▶
This tutorial is how to upgrade your computer RAM in Windows at no cost, and possibly even doubling it. It takes advantage of some RAM optimization techniques with the Memory Diagnostic Tool in Windows, which tests different methods to increase your RAM’s capacity.

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23 Comments on Double Your Computer RAM for Free

  1. This asshole is a cunt. He kept making fake videos which waste our time…

  2. Dude you were dope

  3. Who believes this

  4. Better to watch the comments before getting into massive the tests. Thank God I checked the comment.

  5. is any of your video is real or just a joke???

  6. so got a way to gta5

  7. Is this real?? He has 1 mil subs, he may be realiable guys

  8. Why is people being shit and fooling others that its gonna break your pc like we want everyone to want a great pc stop fooling!

  9. I just did it….It seemed to be stuck on run 14 at 5% for several hours, but then the windows re-started. I went to event viewer and it said it passed…..then in system my ram and CPU speed was still same.(prior to doubling the RAM I ran doubling the CPU speed, which worked for little while, but then it came back to original speed). Machine|: Lenovo Yoga, 2MB ram 1.6 Mhz Cpu Celeron speed, Windows 10 Home.

  10. When you Try that your PC will damage I reported that video 7 Times all by other accounts

  11. What the hell is in the description!
    Viewers pls read the description!!!

  12. Wtf it is the first time I realize , my computer is 1GB RAM

  13. Well for me it didn't worked

  14. and i unable to upgrade my ram by using sfc /scannow
    optimization is now showing
    Help me?????

  15. Hello ThioJoe F4 is not Working when i was pressing

  16. can you do gay porn, using computer hardware as a tool to arouse you!


  18. can this run on my new iphone xx s plus that turns into a windows 9 computer

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