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Draw like an Architect – Essential Tips

In this video I share my tips for improving your architectural drawing technique. I’ll walk you through a detail sketch, a basic section sketch and then transition into a few of my CAD working drawings to illustrate how a simple toolset can produce a range of drawings.
Important concepts discussed:
– Lineweight (and the pens I use)
– Atmospheric perspective
– Drawing technique
– Corners
– Iteration
– Foreground, middle-ground, and background
– The ‘squint’ test
– Shade + shadow
– Entourage…

21 Comments on Draw like an Architect – Essential Tips

  1. You can download my digital drawing template here:

  2. how did you get the line width to change? on the east and west elevations?

  3. What type of typography do you use in your projects? Reminds me the Franklin font family… Your work is wonderful! Congrats

  4. Hey what kind of architectural software u use?
    And which one is preferred the best one?

  5. thanks for your tips in sharing. really enjoy watching and learning the tips. Really appreciate your time for showing.

  6. Even as a 51 year old architect who sketches incessantly, I always learn something new whenever I watch one of your videos. Thank you.

  7. Me encanta, me recuerda mis primeros años en la universidad, saludos desde Nicaragua

  8. My guy can’t even draw a straight line

  9. Im a Architecture student but im to weak in math ????

  10. Great visual video, an eye candy.

  11. Sir, in 9.56 what is the software used to draw that ? How to shape the thickness of line of roof?

  12. This is wonderful
    I wish I had drawing lessons as good as this one in college
    Thanks for sharing!

  13. Korean text please !!

  14. Im 14 yeats old now and iwant to be an architect
    Ijust want to say that im gonna re watch your video when im an architect and camment the same thing that i said sorry for my english

  15. Now I know what to do with my life

  16. I wish in architechural department, someone could taughed to us that subject like this way

  17. Ich mochte dein Video, Bruder. Bitte schau dir mein letztes Video an.

  18. I don't even knowing why I'm here. I'm a mechanical engineering student, and many industries use AutoCAD, Solidworks, or CATIA. There's something about drawing and manual drafting that makes me wish its usage wouldn't fade out. I love both CAD software and manual drawings as each has its own charm.

  19. Great content, but am I the only one that's impressed with the clean editing and layout of the videos?

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