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Dropbox for Windows Tutorial

Learn how to set up Dropbox on your Windows computer and use it to sync the files you want access to on all your devices.

You can use this link to sign up and you’ll earn bonus storage space in Dropbox:

12 Comments on Dropbox for Windows Tutorial

  1. Great tutorial. Thanks

  2. My computer has windows8 so I do not know if I have Dropbox. There is no Dropbox icon anywhere on the bottom bar but when it had finally finished searching for Dropbox indows8 gave me over 400 results to consider. I had been sent a file to share, downloaded it and saved it but the second time I wanted to open it windows8 told me it could not be opened. i got the same message the 3rd and 4th try but when I closed it after the 4th try it opened the file, When I opened an Excel file shared to me all the names of each column at the top were replaced by a string of all the names separated by commas. I made a screenshot of that and sent it to the person who had shared it., When that person made a screenshot of the same file sent to me to share each column had its name and there was no string of names sepa<rated by commas.

  3. hentam sajalah labu…

  4. Sorry folks, but contact with a person for paid personal or business accounts is near non-existent/impossible.

  5. thanks this is help me a lot

  6. This tutorial is SPOT on great job!

  7. Thank you. I've never thought of using it but now I am considering it.

  8. can i use dropbox on my roku 2

  9. Hi; thanks for a great tutorial;

    But I have a question, will be nice to know how to have all this storage without filling up your computers drives.
    and also to know if I can have that drop-box folder in any other drive besides my C drive witch is to small.

    Thanks any help on this will be appreciated.

  10. Thanks for your Videos to the World…

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