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EA Sports UFC 3 Submission Tips: How to Submit Consistently!

UFC 3 Submission Tips: How to Submit Consistently!

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35 Comments on EA Sports UFC 3 Submission Tips: How to Submit Consistently!

  1. Nobody in comment section paid attention to this video I notice. Domt just go for the submission right away. When you're in position, block two of their transition attempts–this'll lower their stamina and cause their wall breaks to be slower. You'll also notice the 'L' stick prompt pop up quicker if your guy isn't gassed out. Watch the video–it really does help. I went from not being able to get past stage 1 in a training session to getting easily to stage 3 or 4 just buy block transitions, first

  2. I just got done playing this stupid game it’s ridiculous how my stamina regenerates ridiculously slow while my opponent has steroids in his!!!

  3. honestly, fuck this game. i miss undisputed. this platform is garbage

  4. I will never submit anyone in this game , ill stick to my devastating kicks :()

  5. yo i have faced ppl when i take down they counter submit me how do you do that

  6. People sometimes spam all over the place, how do I deal with that?

  7. If I could just change the analog stick to the d pad… That would be great

  8. Yo this vid was very helpful thanks

  9. I'm fairly good at this game, striking, ground and pound and defense on my back. Nor am I easy to submit. But for some reason I am unable to get submissions myself. The addition of the left stick at the right time is really throwing me off.

  10. Submission means an L in UFC 3.

  11. Lmfaooooo after readin these comments I now realize how utterly fuckin stupid and impossible the submission system. Knew it wasn’t just me. Ok, won’t break this cheatin piece of shit outta anger I guess but I’m def done playin it lol the submissions in this game are fuckin retarded

  12. Frustrating. Once you lock in the position, should be 'easy', instead, it gets harder.

  13. Why do the make this system so hard trying to TRAIN in career mode ON EASY and cpu gets out before I can even attempt to get the FIRST STAGE DONE why do they think this is fun

  14. I genuinely went insane trying to figure this shit out. The AI goes fuckin insane, it like you are destined to lose that match


  16. I dont understand what im going to do when the L stick comes up

  17. Yeah I’m just gonna use simple submissions

  18. How do I get submissions

  19. So you dont k ow how the system work your soo confusing you idiot

  20. The submissions in this game are retarded if your stamina is full and your opponent's is completely empty the gates will still be fast to the point where you can do fuck all

  21. I can play Yoel Romero and NEVER get a fucking submission prompt, wth is the point in playing grapplers when you never get to use them for what they're for.

  22. When I try and submit someone there red bar just goes right up and it doesn’t give me a chance to submit the game is trash

  23. Dam all ya'llsome wining ass big baby bitches this tip video is helpful and ufc 3is a great game the controls are perfect u guy's u just give up the second something is a little bit difficult and never get good at anything. Submitting someone in real life isnt easy to do thats why they didn't make it easy in the game. Ya'll weak af spend more than half an hour with it an you'll get it. Ya buncha bitches

  24. I don't know if I have Ever had this much trouble with something in a game before. I literally can't do this shit

  25. The video helped. I finally get the steps at least but, the prompts are way too fast. Feels impossible

  26. Ohh THQ why did you have to go bankrupt? How I miss your grappling and fighting in PRIDE. Striking in this game is fun, game look amazing, but learning new moves in career mode is a pain in the ass and for the love of GOD who thought making the grappling so difficult would be a good thing? This is the most frustrating game I’ve played in years

  27. Watched the video but yet still can’t successfully finish someone with a submission I don’t get it????

  28. Tu no metes cabra a la babece

  29. What is the L1 button?

  30. that did not show me how to do anything

  31. What about the simple submission

  32. THIS SHIT TRASH ????

  33. You should try this one gametools. pw Always functions for me to add full of resources.

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