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Enable/Disable JavaScript in Internet Explorer Windows 8

If you need to turn JavaScript on or off in Internet Explorer running on Windows 8 then this handy guide will show you how.


23 Comments on Enable/Disable JavaScript in Internet Explorer Windows 8

  1. it is help mi thanks

  2. Great it worked no problem thankyou very much xxx

  3. you saved my life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  4. yes, thank you it works on my computer ..

  5. Me ajudou muito, obrigadooo !!, like 😀

  6. Thank you so much,it's helped me a lot!i can finally use my pic browser!

  7. oddly enough this method fixes some of the sims 3 launcher's script erros.. meaning script error is gone so thanks!

  8. Thank you so much!

  9. hi the java is enable but I am trying to access the site it says in google chrome Plug in is not supported and in internet explorer  it say  ,Sorry, your browser is not Java enabled, please visit I do not know what to do if you help me with that it will be great.thanks

  10. Thanks a lot your video was a Gr8 help !! =)

  11. do I restart computer after?

  12. Thank you! I`m concerned about the security of my laptop…I`ll check out some of you`re other video`s to see if you post more great tips!!

  13. Thanks very much help me a lot

  14. That was so much help thank you

  15. Hi I wanted to install back my chrome because I accidentally uninstalled it so it said about the java script And now watching this video I fixed that. But now when I am about to download chrome it says that your current security settings do not allow this file to be downloaded please help

  16. Great walk through thanks man

  17. very lovely but I know that already, what I need to know is how I can enable javascript locally in my windows 8 laptop. I think its some default setting but no javascript (downloaded jquery or locally written script or any javascript at all) is permited to execute on my system. I need to know how to enable javascript on windows 8 so as to be able to test my javascripts and use the jquery library. thank you

  18. Thank you for making this foolproof, Ric! Not sure this will fix my issue, though. I'm running Chrome on Windows8 and keep getting you need to be running Java but when I check, I am, so am not sure what the issue is…I just downloaded FoxPro and am going to give it a try to get through this Kenexa job testing website, then worry about why Chrome isn't recognizing my Java. Thank you for the video, mate!  8^)

  19. it doesnt let me do custom settings. someone help!

  20. Thankyou, you helped me subbed :d 

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