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Enabling Hyper-V in Windows 8

In this free video from our Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Essentials Training, Virtualization Expert David Davis walks you through how to enable client Hyper-V in Windows 8.

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31 Comments on Enabling Hyper-V in Windows 8

  1. lol it also works on 32 – bit 1gb ram 2.8Ghz processor
    Im using 8 PRO
    Read more

  2. I can not activate Plateforme Hyper-V

  3. i have windows 8 single language os.
    so tell me how to configure hyper-v setting in this .asap

  4. I Can't :
    i have WINODWS 8, X64, INTEL CORE I7,12 GB RAM.
    What's the problem???

  5. for some reason i can not see the hyper v option on 8.1. have looked in the programs and features section but there is nothing. what is it that I am missing? have looked in all the forums

  6. what exactly is it for? I have it enabled, according to my task manager, but when I go into control panel its not there.

  7. What is the name of your CPU?

  8. I like this video. Clear and straight-forward. You need this in order to have that. In Windows 8 you can get the name of your CPU in the Control-panel. So click onto Control Panel, go to System and Security and then click on System. Under the tab System you will have your CPU name. For me it is an Intel i3 M350.

  9. What you can say is say something useful. Many people are learning things, and nothing is obvious from the start. If you ran into such people then it should be obvious for you that some info that is not obvious for them might be useful in tutorials. And if you think that to smack them on the upside of the head is appropriate way of explaining things – then consult some professional
    psychologist, because it looks you have serious problem when communicating with people who know less than you.

  10. What can I say? This should have been obvious from the start. It's like a Windows 7 Home Premium user being surprised it doesn't come with XP Mode (which was the latest installation of Microsoft Virtual PC with a full copy of Windows XP SP3 installed for Windows 7 Pro and above).

    And yes, I ran into those people from time to time. Just wanted to smack them on the upside of the head.

  11. wow, don't be so cocky. It was a simple notice to the author, so that he could have mentioned which editions have hyper-v.
    And yes, he and me forgot to mention Pro edition. A BIG credit for you :))

  12. You forgot to mention that Windows 8 Pro has this feature also. Don't be dumb. -_-

  13. No, Windows 8 Pro also has Hyper-V.

  14. It's also available in the Pro version.

  15. do you have windows 8 pro or windows 8 enterprise? Only these two does have Hyper V

  16. I found Hyper V also in Windows 8 Pro

  17. Instructions werent clear enough, my dick got caught in the ceiling fan

  18. VMWare is better since it supports 3D acceleration.

  19. Works for me with Windows 8 Pro with Media Center

  20. SO windows 8 Enterprise is the only one that has the hyper V

  21. I see that Hyper-V is layer 1 but it is interesting that VMWare seems to bench mark as good or better except for HD I/O.

  22. How does Hyper-V compare to VMWare (assuming same hardware on Win 8 Pro and Ent)?

  23. you forgot to mention that you have Windows 8 Enterprise

  24. I want to use Hyper-V for windows 8 in 32bit Architecture. Is there any other way ?

  25. I was wondering why I wasnt getting HyperV on my machine!…Thanks!

  26. Would be nice to have a list of MOBO's whose BIOS support virtualization. They seem a little hard to come by. Thank you for sharing.

  27. Thx a lot guys, as usual very helpful.

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