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EndNote X8 on Windows: The Short Course

Captions: English

This 25-minute class covers the basics for working with EndNote X8 on Windows. (Note: The captions are accurate, not machine generated.) Download enhanced class notes that cover more than shown in the video at

12 Comments on EndNote X8 on Windows: The Short Course

  1. Good info, but narrator's whistling "s" is like nails on a chalkboard.

  2. Something I really dont like in EndNote (besides the layout) is that when searching Pubmed it adds automatically the found references to the library, which really makes a mess. How can I stop this behavior?

  3. Great topic well illustrated thanks

  4. The tutorial is worth viewing…sums it up nicely.

  5. This has been so helpful! Thank you so much for posting this!

  6. Excellent speed and information.

  7. You should add tabs for reading PDFs like in Mendeley. That's the feature I miss most from Mendeley since I read inside the reference manager.

  8. the best tutorials that I have ever seen on Youtube. thank you.

  9. This is a good introduction covering most aspects, however I think the pace is a bit fast for a beginner. No mention is made of manually adding references and I think it would be good at least to have a visual of the fields filled in correctly for a book, say.

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