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Excel Magic Trick #184: Setup Database in Excel

See how to create a simple database in Excel using the List or Table feature.
A simple database can be created in Excel using the Excel 2003 “List” feature or the Excel 2007 “Table” feature.
Fields names must be in first row (no blanks).
Records are in rows (no blanks).
Other data in the sheet cannot be next to the Table/List (at least one blank row or column between other data and the Table/List
Keyboard shortcuts: Excel 2003 List: Ctrl + L. Excel 2007 Table: Ctrl + T.
The ranges are…

18 Comments on Excel Magic Trick #184: Setup Database in Excel

  1. use a pop filter on your mic

  2. I'm facing problem with the audio. I tried watching other random videos on youtube and the audio worked just fine. Please help. I using chrome as my browser.

  3. hi, i noticed that there are drop down arrows on you database, what are they for? and if you don't mind telling me how to make them work…
    thanks so much, you've been a lot of help…

  4. not able to edit phone number .here country code +255 ..try on your excel sheet and kindly assist???

  5. Im setting up my bank log and your video was SO helpful, however, can you please tell me how to add in the autosum into this table for my balance? 
    Thanks so much! 

  6. Hello, ExcellsFun .. please help 🙂 I have data like: regular hours (column A) next column is regular pay (column B) then vacation hours (column C) and next to it is vacation pays (column D), so on for 100 columns like hour columns before pay columns .. I want to put and sum all hours on the left side of the workbook then all pays columns on the right side … yes, I  can add the Hour Columns one by one, but it is very time consuming

  7. I was just revisiting your videos that I used to watch when I was starting off with Excel.. These tricks that you'v taught are just amazing.. Cheers!

  8. All those excel shortcuts are really very impressive. Do you know the total number of shortcuts in 2007? It's got to be in the hundreds. It would be really useful to get a full list of them.

    Great work! Subscribed.

  9. Hello, I've been looking on your videos (there's a ton) but I can't find the one that explains how to insert formulas inside databases. In one of your videos you are using a database where when you enter a name there's an arrow in each cell where you can choose which name is entered in the cell trough a drop down. Also another column is filled (I suppose with a vlookup) with the city corresponding to the person what was entered. Which from your videos explain how to do all of that?

    Thanks a lot for your videos, they are AWESOME, you are the boss!

  10. Sioux Radcoolinator?! LOL! That is creative!

  11. than you very match it's really help but can you tell me pleas how to fix the qty for every type

  12. Glad you like them!

  13. easily the best excel videos tutorials here on youtube.

  14. I need to have the user enter information into a worksheet on another workbook (I already know how to do 3-D references), but I need for each customer that inputs their information after they are done it will jump to the next line on the table for the next user to enter their information.

  15. I am using Excel V-2007, the Option to set phone numbers is only available when Locale is set to US? Is there any way to have these options when Locale is set to UK? Thanks, John.

  16. Hi, sir hope you will me with my assignment, my teacher assigned me to do a simple data identifier that will identify what types of data you've entered, for example if i type in cell 4 "apple" it will automatically identify in cell 5 that apple is a "fruits".

    please help me, have a nice day

  17. I am not sure why – try this Excel question site:

    mrexccel [dot] com/forum

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