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Excel Tables Tutorial: Beginners Guide for Windows & Mac

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How to Create a Table | 1:16
1. Formatting | 1:55
2. Table Names | 2:44
3. Sorting & Filtering | 3:15
4. Auto Expansion & Navigating | 4:35
5. Total Row | 6:34
6. Remove Duplicates | 7:18
7. Create Unique List | 7:53
8. Pivot Table Integration | 8:33
9. Chart Integration | 10:24
10. Table Formulas | 11:26

In this video I show you how to create a table, then…

26 Comments on Excel Tables Tutorial: Beginners Guide for Windows & Mac

  1. Very Useful Video. Thanks

  2. … I don't know howI lived all this time without using tables!

  3. Thank you so much!!!!!

  4. Very nice video. I am an retired analytical chemist and wish I had understood Excel tables back when I was doing laboratory application programming. This would have made my application development much quicker and a lot easier to maintain and update.

  5. Thank you, Jon!!! Your videos are the best source to master Excel. Very Helpful.

  6. Very useful and informative, thanks a lot

  7. Many many thanks John!

  8. how do you make it plain looking without the arrows in table header like it does in windows?

  9. First class lesson. Thanks.

  10. Great Examples used! thanks for sharing:)

  11. Very helpful… Had no idea…. Thanks a bunch. I subscribed.

  12. Works with Excel for many years and still found new efficient stuff watching this video, thanks!

  13. Thanks, very helpful to someone that hasn't used Excel with all the new features in a long time.

  14. Founds this very helpful.
    I have a workbook that has the number of days out an order has been placed from set delivery date. I've done this simply by taking the booking date away from the set delivery date. My challenge is I want to bundle these within a range. I've created a second worksheet and wanted to bundle the dates within a range so for example I could see how many bookings are made between 0 and 30 days out from set delivery date and then the same for those between 31 days and 60 days and so on.
    The result I need to see is how many orders fall within in each bundle of date ranges. I cannot see how to do this – guidance appreciated.

  15. when adding new rows to a table, any idea how to stop the cell color from the previous row from autofilling? I want everything else to be duplicated (like formulas etc…) just not the cell color itself, I would rather this just default to filling in the cell colors of the original table format. As I fill in my data row by row I fill in certain cells with color to help me keep a quick visual on where I have left off with data entry to recognize rows I am finished with or not.

  16. Brilliant!!! I've learned so much. Thank you.

  17. this information is SO Helpful. thank you.

  18. Thank you so Much for this! Your channel is a great way to expand my skills in Excel. More Power to you Sir Jon.

  19. Mr Jon, you my man, just earned my subscription….excellent work, keep it up.

  20. i am trying to make a point system for my kids in excel. what i would like to do is in collum A put chores, collum B be able to put +1 through +100 and also -1 through -100 then on collum C point total. so if i put +2 in collum B in collum c it will put 100, but if i only put +1 in B in collum c would be only 50. then have collum c also have total points

  21. You're awesome … thank you for sharing.

  22. Perfect!! Short! Practical! Usefull! Love it!

  23. am addicted to your videos, you have a fantastic teaching style and they are short enough to digest a bit at a time, thank you ????????

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