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Exclusive Preview on iOS 5 – iPad Zauberer Simon Pierro [subtitled]

iPad magician Simon Pierro and the new iOS make the iPad even more magical!
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With more than 20 million hits on YouTube, Simon Pierro’s unique iPad magic became an instant classic. What you see here is entertainment on the next level.

Based in Berlin and Munich.
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19 Comments on Exclusive Preview on iOS 5 – iPad Zauberer Simon Pierro [subtitled]

  1. azul malu Co te San tos

  2. I have never seen magic like that before. That is amazing Simon

  3. Same thing as when he was on ellen

  4. how do u do that!? amazing hahahha!!!

  5. Tell me how you do it please I will not tell any one

  6. hey simon ich bin ein riesen fan von dier du bist echt cool doch eine frage hab ich wieso ist immer die blondine im weter gericht und ales
    pasiert so wie immer ???? ou hab fergesen du kanst kein trick eraten eggal

  7. I have the same IPad but i cant take my pictures out why???

  8. But seriously the one at 3:10 looked fake! But the other ones thats so cool!

  9. +iOSmagic whats that app called its really cool i need it

  10. that stream is rally just a filmed video

  11. What's the name of the app

  12. If you guys not trust on him why you watching this video I watching this because I trusr

  13. Can you show us the back of the lap top?

  14. The thing is, how he did it?

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