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Fallout 3 Windows 8.1 Fix Tutorial

This is a Fallout 3 tutorial fix for windows 8.1

All Links:

Add Me On Steam My Account Name: jaso131 My Other Name Is Mazeek-Plays-Games

Fix for compadibilty tab not there: All Credits Go To:WickedPhantom56

you have to rename the launcher or whatever with exe at the end…

20 Comments on Fallout 3 Windows 8.1 Fix Tutorial

  1. thank you this work wonders

  2. Wow this worked it relly worked so thanks I can finally play it

  3. 100% works as of 9/21/15 just dont be a idiot and follow the steps.

  4. Oh my god, this actually worked! I had almost lost all hope of ever playing Fallout 3 on my laptop (Windows 10) after trying tons of different methods suggesting elsewhere online, but this actually worked!
    Thanks so much for posting this. Great job, man!


  6. You make me happy! Thank u so much

  7. Thank you so much. It worked perfectly

  8. thank you man you've just made my day !!!

  9. You've got a sub bro!! 9/16/2015!! Works perfectly! Much love!

  10. Great job, Thanks it worked!!

  11. Its 14.september.2015 and I can confirm that this works.

  12. does it only work for goty?

  13. just did it 9/13/15 and it works awesome man keep up the awesome work

  14. everything works until it shows the start of the game and then it crashes because i cant extract the intel bypass pacage can someone please help me

  15. 12/09/15, still working! Cheers man!

  16. Does this still work? Since Windows Live doesn't exist anymore and that page on doesn't exist either

  17. it´s work. it´s alive…. lot of weeks just look the icon. tnhx thnx thnx

  18. will this work on normal fallout 3 (not goty)

  19. Tested on 6 Sep 2015
    It worked!!
    Thanks mate

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