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Faster Internet for FREE in 30 seconds – No… Seriously

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It’s not clickbait- this actually is a quick, easy, and free method to make your internet faster-…

38 Comments on Faster Internet for FREE in 30 seconds – No… Seriously

  1. Gonna be real here, i did this and i went from a sh*t connection that couldnt load 480p videos on youtube to 1080p videos no problem, i dont know how is that possible but hey it worked (btw this is an hotel internet)

  2. Who else is here after because of fortnite lag

  3. i can swear this simple increased the speed of my internet.i have 8mbps pakage but i couldn't even play videos on 480p..and ping was almost 600-900ms in PUBG but now i am playing videos at 1080p auto and 152ms ping(lowest in my Area) ….????????????

  4. I play with 3368 ping

  5. So if you recommend eveeyone to start using this DNS won't this fill it up?

  6. Video title:How to get faster internet in 30 seconds.

    Video lasts:8 minutes.

  7. I have 0.700 kb on my ps4… yes i lag and yes i get kicked of servers

  8. Fake I tried to change this on my phone and it didn't fucking want to edit.

  9. thank you , it went from 800kb/s to 3.5mb/s

  10. My internet is now so fast that it went to the past and stopped my mother from being killed which ruined the timeline.

  11. This is bullshit useless crap.

  12. is there tricks for overused 4g internet? like i pay for 50mbs speed but get under 10…

  13. Thanks YouTube is slower.
    Before: 30-40 secs for 60MB
    After: 1 Hour Download for 60MB
    Thank you Thank you elf Thank you for slower Internet

  14. Am I the only one who thinks that it worked?

  15. My speeds slightly went down while using this DNS?

  16. Tried it.
    Not faster, infact slower
    Changed back to default an now its reallllly slow, thanks the Trick to make it faster made it slower….

  17. Excuse me WiFi was being shitty while watching this video

  18. im afraid to do this it can cause problems maybe i dont want to take the risk

  19. better.. and for the second slot

  20. gooooooooooow twoooooooooooo hell budy

  21. Wait this actually works thanks so much

  22. Thankyou recently I had discovered because SKY's unlimited fibre had been retract those of us on it were either upgraded to fibre max o(a new faster package) or downgraded depending on availability in the area (this is because they need to upgrade the copper wiring in the landlines to support the faster speeds) sadly it wasn't available in our area yet as they are still upgrading outside the village and have a few miles before they reach here which will take months… this basically means i'm stuck with the basic package which is supposedly 11mb/s average download…

    but I found for some reason despite a decent signal it seemed to be even less and I couldn't figure out why until now when you help me find I was on auto DNS which had put me on a slow one hence why despite having a 4k capable screen and hardware I couldn't even buffer anything above 1080p this has now changed and I watched this video buffer well ahead in 4k even after skipping ahead in the video beyond the buffer so it has made a well noticeable difference…

    and I do prefer my privacy the sercurity is good I had enough with the phone survey army back when our phone-lines were mean't to be private… we were getting calls about surveys 2-8 times a day… anyways gotta go now i've suddenly got hiccups!

  23. If I have IPv4 and IPv6. Do I have to tip in for both?

  24. Does it work on Xbox

  25. Instructions not clear
    Deleted system 32

  26. Can you do this on ps4

  27. my default DNS was faster…

  28. Wow this really helped me now I can download games over 1GB at a speed of NOPE

  29. the most idiot video I ever have seen. 8 min. to say nothing.

  30. you are the best i tried dns and but GGUES WHAT NOTHING HAPPEND TY FOR YOUR 0 HELP I REALLY LOVE YOU !1!

  31. It actually works no BS

  32. Instuctions unclear,dick stuck in womans belly button

  33. Does this seriously work?

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