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Fire HD10 – Tips, Tricks, and Hidden Features

Fire HD10 – Tips, Tricks, and Hidden Features

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46 Comments on Fire HD10 – Tips, Tricks, and Hidden Features

  1. I bought it for my hubby. So far he likes it.>>>  Impressed with lots of things. Thinking of getting my own, maybe in yellow. He's looked at many reviews and critics videos. It's just fine with us.

  2. Guys did you know the fire I pad is waterproof i try it

  3. It would nice if you learnt to stop sniffing when producing a video. Change your smoke detector battery whilst you are at it.

  4. Hi my tablet doesn't have the Secondary Keys and also some of the options you show on your tablet.

  5. Choo Choo, we're on the party train…next stop…Dollar General… get a damn 9-volt battery for that friggin' smoke detector!!! LOL

  6. I wanted to know how to make 'Collections' for my books..

  7. It just reminds me of Always Sunny in Philadelphia "Mac and Dennis move to the suburbs"

  8. Omg replace your battery in the fire alarm….extremely annoying..

  9. I found the best tool to fix the fire alarm when beeping like was a mini sledge hammer

  10. I had my phone in my pocket while listening to this and I started checking the batteries in the fire alarms. Change your batteries man lol. Aside from that good video very informative.

  11. Great job on your video!

    Hello, I'm trying to find out about things you can connect to it.

    Examples: External hard drives just like you would connect to a desktop or laptop.

    I make large video files on an external H-D and play videos from that.

  12. You're very helpful

  13. I just received my Fire HD10 and it does not have most of the settings you show. No split screens, nothing under Keyboard & Language except Language, test-to-speech, current keyboard, show/hide keyboards. Are we sure we are talking about the same device?

  14. Ive got the same kindle HD 36MB and nowhere have I a “FIRE KEYBOARD” in my settings!!

  15. I actually paused the video.. walked out to my kitchen and stared at my smoke detector for several minutes thinking it was mine. Then I opened a second tab, ordered some 9v batteries from Amazon, THEN decided to scroll the comments…. and lo and behold. You should consider having Duracell throw some ad revenue your way for this.

  16. Same here the information was probably interesting but I can’t deal with the smoke alarm low battery chirp.

  17. I thought The Fire HD 10 was released in 2017 not 2015. What's going on here?

  18. Smoke detector is killing me !!!!!!!!!

  19. Big fail for the annoying smoke detector beeping. Ever heard of batteries. Tip – Get some.

  20. lol i stopped to type this as soon as i heard the first chirp….not finishing the video

  21. ROFLOL Just read through the comments and most of them are about your smoke alarm. Your tips and tricks aren't effective if your smoke alarm warning is taking all of the attention.

  22. OMG Change your damn smoke detector battery or take out while you're making a video, it's really annoying. Couldn't even finish watching. How does that beeping not annoy you?

  23. High2techvideos, This does Not apply to the Fire HD 8 tablet….

  24. Dam Cummings at his life????

  25. Stopped 1 minute in bc of smoke alarm. Take 5 mins to replace the battery and reshoot, it's not that hard.

  26. Dude! Seriously, change your smoke detector battery before you make a video!

  27. On my new fire 10 doesn't have the for keyboard in the settings.

  28. You can power up your kindle but not the fire alarm

  29. If you're going to take the time to post a video to the world on the world wide web, at least change the smoke detector battery first. Makes you seem a lot less credible. And extremely annoying.

  30. The low battery chirping is annoying but more so are the many questions not being answered.

  31. How about doing a video on isolating annoying fire alarms.

  32. Really man? Put a new battery in the smoke detector. Had to leave at a minute fifty four.

  33. I know this is an older video but I just purchased the Fire HD 10 and I have no mic on my keyboard, what do I install to have the mic on my keyboard for dictation.

  34. If you cannot change your fire alarm battery you have no business making technical advice tutorials. Moron

  35. how i take a scream shout from Amazon fire10 2017?

  36. My new Kindle 10 (2017 version) does NOT have the option to split the keyboard. I did update the kindle but no option to split the keyboard.

  37. That multitasking app wasn't free. I had to pay 2.49 for it. But your video was very helpful ….THANKS!!!

  38. I can't do the fire alarm in the background. Just no.

  39. Are you ever going to change the battery in your smoke alarm

  40. Very informative video but it didn't cover what I was looking for. While reading a book there is an option somewhere that shows pages as icons. I can't find my way back there. Can you tell me how?

  41. FYI, NQP Multi Screen app is not free anymore; 2.49 now

  42. Hi Wayne, I opine all the following: I love your videos esp as they are helping me decide whether to buy the Kindle Fire, but I wonder what that squeak sound is that permeates your excellent commentary? It does keep me alert, yet also distracts. I realise others have speculated of its cause. Anyway, regardless of it, thanks so much for sharing your knowledge, regards, Joe.

  43. Interesting, but geeze, sounded like you had a low battery in your smoke detector chirping throughout!

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