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37 Comments on Five Basic Public Speaking Tips

  1. I feel like my voice isn't suited for public speaking though????is there like a tip to improve my voice?

  2. PRESENTATION WIZARDS Topics about public speaking, historic speeches, and presentations!

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  7. What about instant topics given on stage?

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  9. Thank you! It helped me a lot.
    Ohh, this smile, I'm melting: 4:07

  10. I teach High School Engineering and one of the subjects I cover and make the students do is Public Speaking.  The 5 tips listed here are great but there are 2 more that I teach and fully believe in that should be listed here as well.First, don't forget to BREATH! With over 30 years of professional work experience (private sector and public education), I have seen my share of people who actually forget to breath when they speak and/or present!  And I have seen at least 3 people who actually passed out.  Remember, you are human and you need air!Second, SILENCE IS GOLDEN!  When presenting it is not required for you to be talking, or making some kind of noise every second of your speech/presentation!  In fact, silence built in to your speech allows your audience to absorb more of what you present by giving them time to let it soak in and process it.  And during these silent times is a great opportunity for you to breath (see above)!There are other tips that I would like to list here but this is where I will stop.  I am a previous member of Toastmasters (for 8 years) and I highly recommend them if you want to learn and practice public speaking!While I still get butterflies in my stomach before I present (it keeps me humble), public speaking and presenting is fun!

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  18. Great video, thanks for sharing! ????

  19. I find it a little hypocritical that you talk about doing your research and remembering your lines, yet you can't perform a good speech yourself without so many cut scenes

  20. One thing I found most helpful during a presentation was to take off my glasses. It works!!

  21. No 06: Never blink.

  22. Toastmasters is the bomb! LOL. Really enjoying the video. I learned a ton from toastmasters and am giving a speech to a school tomorrow I am super excited about (couldn't have done it without toastmasters!). If interested here are some more advanced tips based on the international speech winning speech

  23. Thank you for this great video! Joining toastmasters can help you get over your fears for public speaking. Watching my video's will do as well. Just for free.

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