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Fix RAM / Memory unusable in any computer – All ways to FIX for Windows xp, vista & 7/8

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How to find out all information about RAM in your computer

Microsoft website showing how to fix all issues with unusable ram:

This is how to fix the usable / unusable ram in your computer.

I would like to mention this does NOT fix all computers only some.

38 Comments on Fix RAM / Memory unusable in any computer – All ways to FIX for Windows xp, vista & 7/8

  1. thank you . but this is not what i'm searching for
    the problem is when i install 2 slots of 2gb (2+2=4gb ) it run normal and when i install the slot of 4gb anyway it doesn't work
    i hope you could help me

  2. Thanks bud, just got a new stick and was having issues. Your a hero!

  3. I already put in my ram but it still said i only have 2 gb of ram but in speccy it said i have 4gb of ram

  4. I have 4gb ram in my cpu but it showw only 2gb .i cant play fortnite .can u help me

  5. Thanks you saved me a lot of time .

  6. Trust this Guy… This WORKS.. Thanks alot Meditational State you are the best

  7. men this thing isn't working at all

  8. hi gm ..i have a toshiba laptop c55-c5268 it came with window 10 home 64bit . i change it to window 7 32bit professional now my problem am facing is the memory ram ,it have 8gb memory ram and only 1.92 usable so how can i get the 8gb plz help me out if any ideas

  9. Here's what I did…

    1. Open Computer…
    2. Clean ram contacts with Methylated Spirit (or Isopropyl Alcohol).
    3. Turn on Computer, and head straight into the bios by pressing either the 'F2' or 'DEL' (Delete) button.
    4. Navigate using the directional buttons, go to Advanced.
    5. Go to North Bridge Configuration (May have a different name, depending on the BIOS being used), and set your CPU's video cache to 32MB (shared).
    6. Click F10 then enter to save, exit and reboot.

    When you boot up, Go to system properties, and, VIOLA! Full ram is being used.

    This method worked for me… Try it!

  10. Finally!!! Helped me to my i3 2020 dell vostro. Thank very much P.S fac…. MSconfig

  11. msconfig doesn't work -_-

  12. i have an old pc and i have just 2gb of ram,but it is always full

  13. hey i tried this method before when mine 4gb ram usable as 2gb but than unlocked to 3gb how to fully unlock it to 4gb

  14. hello…done that…0 result…
    8.2 windows, 64 bits, 4G (3.15 usable) Nvidia 2Giga

    after restart same 3.15 usable..

  15. this doesn't work for me

  16. mine says 3.41 GB and unstable XD I HAVE 4 GB

  17. is this only work in 64bit of windows

  18. Thanks you too much for your helping! Guy

  19. Thank you man!! i been looking a lot for a solution to this problem!!! Thanks so much man

  20. I started out with Win 8 then they Auto upgraded me April 1st to Win 10 I am using a 64-Bit OS with 4GB Ram and 3.47 Usable should I do the same steps above in msconfig and check that box!?

  21. done all things. i have 32 bit windows 7 and 8 gb of ram but shows only 3.24 gb uncheck the box as well but nothing got change please help

  22. i cant fix mine i tried this 10x now but it still dont work
    please tell me what to do

  23. hello i had 6 GB ram first i bought 2×8 GB from crucial ballistix sport. when i boot up with the new ram my pc crash and gives a black screen and i updated the bios correct i think. do you know what to do?

  24. hey dude.. i just did what's in the video.. and when the computer starts.. it's the same problem my 4gb ram still not recognuzing it's full capacity.. it is only say 935mb usable.

  25. yeah the usable still goes back to 3.95GB even though I have 64-bit. Installed is 8GB.

  26. is this working in windows xp?

    because my ram chip installed on pc is 512 mb but in my system properties
    its only 312

  27. i also have 8gm ram, its says only 6,97 gb ram usable, bullshit, and no that didnt helped

  28. THANKS MAN! I have 4 gb of ram and it was written that only 3.47 is usable, now it is 3.95! Thanks again 🙂

  29. I dont have that boot file

  30. hi. im not sure if this is a similar problem…windows 7 did an update last night and when i tried to turn it on the next day, i discovered that it will no longer work with two ram sticks (2gb each) installed. it will only turn on if one is removed. doesn't matter which one. any ideas?

  31. mmm windows 7 starter only support 2gb..thanks

  32. So I had a Kingston hyperx fury blue 4gb ddr3 (1600 MHz), and decided to buy another one. I installed my new one in my desktop, and ready to sow me 8Gb, but it was nothing changed! (Notice that the new ram wasn't exactllty like the first, but it has the same info, I have windows 8.1)
    I tried to open only with the new ram, and it works (4gb), but When I have both of them, stil have only 4gb.

    Any help somebody???



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