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FIX : Windows Firewall options are grayed out. PT 1

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How to FIX: Windows Firewall options are grayed out. Unable to Turn on of Turn off Firewall.

This method will work on XP Home Edition, Vista Home Premium and XP PRO.

Click Start
Choose Run
Type Regedit.exe and press ENTER

Navigate to the following location:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Policies Microsoft WindowsFirewall

Backup the key and then delete the WindowsFirewall branch….

26 Comments on FIX : Windows Firewall options are grayed out. PT 1


  2. i cant find window fier wall on the list what should I do ?

  3. hey I was wondering where can I find my firewall on my laptop

  4. I turned off the firewall but the setting that prevents me from accessing the internet is still in place for some reason. Will anyone help?

  5. great, thank you!

  6. @WhiteCatNoir same here == vista here

  7. I cant find my security center and windows fiewall -.-. I'm using windows xp 2002

  8. @elurirocks have fun!

  9. wenever u get to the part u have 2 delete firewall i dont c it on myne….what do i do!

  10. Hello all the files re deleted already up to the windows fire wall part…but I still have a "XP home security complete" still on my computer…how to get rid of it???

    I have 2 anti virus called webroot security complete and Stop zilla. Will any of those help…or do I need to take more measures?

    The "xp security complete" keeps saying my computer is infected with its pop us!! Any help would be appreciated.

  11. So i came here because I cant play crysis 2, theres a firewall blocking the servers; how would i disable this? I alrdy used the "allow a program through firewall" yet the problem persists
    pls help and thnx

  12. @mazedragon1 same

  13. @joseredboy some viruses disable ur antivirus programs and firewall, and when the virus is deleted the code that disables the protection programs, still remains

  14. @MrAdan82 same

  15. One more thing, it takes more than half an hour for Mozilla Firefox to start up, when I press it, and when I clicked on Internet Explorer, it will stop working before it pops up.

  16. When I pressed the other services button at the bottom right corner and tried to activate the firewall there, it says: Could not start the Windows Firewall on the local computer. More information is available in the system log. If this service is not from Microsoft, you should contact the manufacturer of the service and provide the following service-specific error code: 6,801
    I have already checked the system log -.- nothing there.
    Please help.

  17. I cant turn on my windows firewall on my windows 7. when i try to enable it in the Control Panel i only see this text: Update your firewall settings
    The settings for Windows Firewall, which is recommended to protect your computer is not used.
    Where there is a button that says: Use recommended settings. When I press the button, nothing happens.
    Then I tried to activate the Windows Firewall in the Task Manager in the services tab, then it says: unable to complete the operation.
    Access denied.

  18. i tried getting to a site but it said check firewall or proxy settings

  19. didnt have the windows firewall folder man could u plz help

  20. Thanks, fast and quick way to get around this problem on WIndows XP home!

  21. how do you test your fire wall strength to make shore it works that there is no holes for anything to get in mines on but there is still stuff geting in

  22. when i looked i didnt find the Windows Firewall folder so what should i do ._.

  23. hi i liked your vid but it didn't work. I am a power user would that be a problem and when i restarted all the registry files were back

  24. tyvm thank u so much it worked!!!!!! 5/5


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