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Fix Windows Search Indexer Usages High CPU and Memory

Some Times Windows 10 users Exprience Windows machine Freezes continuesly, Not Running Smoothly, When Check on Taskmanager process you can notice CPU and Memory Uses Very High almost 90 to 100 %. Also you can notice One particular program has been witnessed chewing up the massive amount of RAM or CPU that is SearchIndexer.exe.

What Is This Process ( SearchIndexer.exe )

searchindexer.exe is built-in Windows service that handles indexing of your documents for the Windows Search, which…

15 Comments on Fix Windows Search Indexer Usages High CPU and Memory

  1. Windows sucks fat dick .

  2. Like! Greetings from somewhere in Latin America.

  3. My Indexing options is currently stuck at 17,286 items. Is this normal?

  4. Hey if I disabled service host connected device and account manager will everything be ok

  5. Wow, thanks so much. The search service was rendering my computer completely useless, and forced freezes. THANKS!

  6. The video is very very helpfull. Ty !

  7. Is it possible to build custom search engine in Win10?

  8. It works and solve my problems. Now my PC make no more noice ..
    Thanks a lot.

  9. thanks man! my ram were burning hot!
    you helped me alot =)

  10. Amazing music thanks

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