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Fixing Windows 10 No Start Up Booting Problem [BEST Tutorial]

How To Fix Windows 10 Startup and Boot Problems, or Windows 10 will not boot up.

In this tutorial I will go over how to fix common windows 10 boot problems such as BSOD stop errors and boot loops here are some basic steps you can take when your OS can not bootup if all else fails you likely have to reinstall windows

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Issues addressed in this tutorial:

windows 10 not booting
windows 10 not booting…

24 Comments on Fixing Windows 10 No Start Up Booting Problem [BEST Tutorial]

  1. My PC restarts and beeps wtf

  2. I did the coding thing and restarted my pc and now it’s just showing a black screen

  3. What do you do after you've successfully overwritten all the files in the command prompt?

  4. Tried everything and this shit does not work!

  5. ThinkPad X1 Carbon 5th gen.
    The windows does not boot, it asks for the bitlocker recovery key. Just blue screen
    I gave up on rescueing the data, just want to reset the original factory state. But I'm asked for the recovery key for that as well.
    The device has not been registered with my MS account. I created local accounts during the install, did not use my online MS account. I did not set up OneDrive, either.
    What is the way of reverting back to the factory state?

  6. How do I get rid of the start up screen

  7. Not enough memory resources are available to process this command
    This is the message under Microsoft Windows Version 10.0.
    Pls. Help. What should i do?

  8. Do you know what causes the pc to do this?

  9. For me it just freezes, when it says automatic repair the circle spins once or twice and then it freezes.

  10. my automatic repair turn into Russian letter -,-

  11. Restore system files fucked up my Computer mate…

  12. will 3rd method erase my files in my computer?

  13. Im so scared that I lose all my files

  14. at the start it never says “Restart and Advanced options” it says “Shut down and Advanced options”

  15. Help I tryed all please

  16. My laptop is in an On/Off loop after this, starts and shuts off immediately

  17. Tried all the above methods for so many times but still not working,what should I do?

  18. Thanks a lot bro! you save my laptop and everything!!!! God Bless you and your FAM!! ????????????

  19. Help!!I did step 3 and I was able to get back to my windows screen.  The problem is, is that all my setting are gone and my outlook express emails.  I can not use the windows start button, and I can not get into my accounting program quickbooks.  Its saying im missing keys.  Im guessing the back up I did in the command prompt (step 3) will allow me to get back all my personal setting.  Please let me know how I can get back to my settings as well as use all the programs I had before.PLESE HELP & Thank You very much!!

  20. Command prompt option helped me.
    Thanks alot

  21. Thanks for your video

  22. Why they dond make things as windows 8 simple. Because they to make some shit and break our laptops.

  23. but what if wont let you click on restart or advance options then what do you do ?

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