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Football (Soccer) Trick Shots – How Ridiculous

Whether you call it football, soccer or something else.. we hope you enjoy these trick shots!

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20 Comments on Football (Soccer) Trick Shots – How Ridiculous

  1. hors Y ou dodo this

  2. i like how everyone says this is shit and unskillful . well where is their video of trick shots with over 2 million views huh?

  3. that's not to impressive, sorry…

  4. Dude perfect wannabess ?

  5. I am just a 11 years old kid and that is so easy for me???

  6. Omg! Where they kicked the pin off the goal is where me and my friend had his party!

  7. Better than Dude Perfect

  8. Been here since 20k, great Australian goals

  9. Watch epic bin shots by f2freestylers

  10. i like the ending

  11. the last one got me

  12. Dude Perfect? Anyway, you've my salute for such a great trick video.

  13. remember a football is size 5 and the net is made for basketballs of size 7, now try these kind of tricks with a basketball :)

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