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Free Fire: Gameplay + Tips and Tricks to win [BOOYAH or NOT?]

This is crazy! Watch this and guess if I will got a BOOYAH or NOT! This is intense and full of nervous!! I am using an updated version of Free Fire OBT with Bluestacks.

Comment your in-game name and let’s play!

Please SUBSCRIBE and comment your questions about the game. I will gladly answer your queries!

Add me and lets play Squad Mode: dsplay

New video: CHEATING at Free Fire Battlegrounds – Modded Gameplay –


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42 Comments on Free Fire: Gameplay + Tips and Tricks to win [BOOYAH or NOT?]

  1. For those who are calling me NOOB.. Here's another vid:


  3. without skill..

  4. You're playing in ???? PC can you tell me how did you install it in ???? PC

  5. Keep it on bro..u can do it..I am now achieve platinum 4 since I use u luck..btw..I want to add some tips to..don't stand at the tower fr to long and nt moving..maybe someone will blow our head of..????????????

  6. And you are noob

  7. This is not free fire bro

  8. even bots play better!

  9. I know a better place to hide. I can say you that, if you want ????

  10. My name garry3226n plz add me as friend

  11. didn't booyah just because he was playing free fire in PC or laptop

  12. Yr konsa free fire hai

  13. wtf stupid video give me 8 minutes back

  14. Are you playing right now

  15. Hey I have booyah now and 16 kills Thank you so much!!

  16. Fucking style hahaha

  17. Lol good vid btw my name in free fire is Gladiat2835D

  18. Bruh my fucking 5 year old brother is waaayy better than you cuz damn you suck

  19. Wow awesome tips i never win when I follow your tips good keep it up bro u break noob genius world record good man

  20. Friend me: L3gendX

  21. My name is L3gendX

  22. I hate when people kill u with a car thats like cheating without using ur gun

  23. Haahahahhshshs you FUCKING NOOB camprr

  24. You restarted the game that's why the players are easy and u got chicken dinner lmao

  25. I never win on this ffffffff******g game.. Ff or Ros ????????????????

  26. Hahahah… U are not expert ???? that's why u didn't got booyah

  27. First time I played solo i got 9 kills and a win. Is it good for a begginer. I also play fortnite maybe it is that.

  28. using pc but still NOOB.. stupid

  29. Itna chutiya khela hai isse aacha to Mai khelta hu


  31. don't worry..ingore people call you noob….this is the real tactic..if you go fight alone you have 80% chance to die…yeaa this tip is really's tactical……we attack if someone attack…he is not guys should proud of him…

  32. The highest kills I got on solo was 17 kills????????

  33. Dude Why dont u reload your damn gun

  34. Nice tip

    Here's another tip for you when you are drop i the plane make sure that you are in the middle of the map and find safe place,gun,ammo,armor. And make sure that you will make shoot by another player.????????????

  35. Dont follow that tip i will only last you 1min????

  36. add me crespoc tree win solo 58 kill lvl 21

  37. Dude there is somthing called aim like wtf he was far away NOOB

  38. Why don't you reloads your Gun N00B

  39. Dude your ping level is damn high how could've been playing smoothly.

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