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Free Unlimited Lifetime VPN (Windows 2016 Setup)

Video tutorial showing how to download, setup, and install a free unlimited lifetime VPN for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. The VPN (SoftEther + VPN Gate) will hide/mask your IP address and also encrypt all of your web traffic to keep you anonymous, safe, protected, and secure on your computer.

When Choosing a VPN, choose one with the HIGHEST LINE SPEED. I made that mistake in the video.

You should be using VPN’s everyday since they improve your security and make you more anonymous on…

23 Comments on Free Unlimited Lifetime VPN (Windows 2016 Setup)

  1. That's a weird way to extract a .zip file lol

  2. There is not one for my country, at 2:21 , so I took the closest country. It wouldn't connect and keeps giving me errors. Then I tried another option, but same result. Any things I could do, to not get errors?

  3. its really awesome vpn

  4. I stumbled upon this vpn client, a while ago.
    I really like it, though I have no idea if and when there are any leaks.
    It's hard to get info from their site on how to detect that and if there's a setting to prevent that.
    How do you set up a protective block from the net, when your server is no longer active?
    Also, the US sites are so slow as to be useless when I need them to sign onto my banks and ebay/paypal. I usually use the Japan servers, as they are the fastest.
    Any way to get around the foreign country blocking, when the US links are too slow?

  5. Awesome bro, how would you connect it with Xbox and PlayStation or is it automatic?

  6. thank you very good detail of video.

  7. thank you very much im greatful to you.

  8. does this vpn limit your download speed?

  9. it dosent open the site can you give me another download link

  10. cant use it for minecraft

  11. i live in hong kong but when i use it it fails but if i use the china one it works so meh

  12. does this also use my monthly volume allowance or data??

  13. does it work in phillippines?

  14. u use the deep web i see hahaha

  15. Bro i subbed you're the best works like a charm

  16. wow good stuff, thank you and subbed

  17. thx but it not fast

  18. thank you thank you thank you, this is super helpful and easy to do. merci

  19. thank you man…nyc job

  20. Thank you finally a good free vpn. Also it is ok to use the vpn servers in other countries. I don't see a problem

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