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Gaming on a 25 YEAR OLD Laptop!!

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35 Comments on Gaming on a 25 YEAR OLD Laptop!!

  1. Still one of my favorite videos on this channel

  2. lol hello Windows 95 long time no see, used floppy drive to write C programs wht a life tht used to be hahaah, mine was 500mb RAM..

  3. 18:11 Dang dude, you had a laptop when you were a kid. Lucky!

  4. Makes me miss my 2003 Dell laptop. I lost most of my life playing StarCraft on it.

  5. Updating that old laptop with a raspberry pi would be a huge and cool improvement. Battery could be repacked and updated too

  6. So this is where apple got there inspiration from… it makes so much sense now….

  7. they actually make USB 3.0 PCMCIA cards you could've tried

  8. Infrared data transmission was very usual back then. When i used to transfer music from a tape to my cellphone (hilarous if oyu thing about it) i used to digitalize it and transmit via infrared or just re-record it using a paper tube to get rid of interference. Good old days.

  9. I play roblox on a 2013 computer :/

  10. Yes but can it play mario?

  11. The Game That I Recomand On The 25 Year Old Laptop Is Half Life

  12. welcome to my world

  13. Park your drive before scooching that thing! lol 🙂

  14. Ya I remember crashing in need for speed 2 & 3 hot pursuit, because the keyboard wouldn't register me turning when 2 are playing ..
    Also I remember how awful it was to play as a second player in Fifa 98, with the mouse .. you can't stop running or make a through ..
    My favourite game that took hours and years was Red Alert 2 ..

  15. “AND THERE IS ORE!!”

  16. Seems so strange to hear somebody talking about burning discs like it's something archaic. I still use disc drives occasionally and won't use a PC without one.

  17. Wait.. is that my laptop

  18. Lol you played annelieds on this pc xd

  19. Whippersnapper don't know what a usenet reader is. Get off my digital lawn. 😉

  20. I would sacrifice slimness for a mechanic or keyboard in a laptop

  21. This is whats called HARDWARE rightly. Played Doom back in the days on a machine like this….

  22. i thought he was gonna play apex or something

  23. Those sounds effects from 1602 ad are the same ones from heroes of might and magic 2


  25. P.C.M.C.I.A. IOMega Pocket Zip. I used to have a bunch of those.

  26. Liero!! Torilla tavataan!!

  27. Yo if your reading this can you hit me up and send me a new cpu mine just isn’t good enough please dude I prefer a i9

  28. I actually plan on buying a CD-RW spindle just so I can make myself a custom cave story disc

  29. This hurts my soul. Mostly because we've just come so far from this now. I do remember playing around with our '98 PC. It was great, but only because we didn't know it could be better lol Now look where we are.

  30. Dude that thing is the same age as me. And I have never seen an compact laptop. I have heard of windows 95 but never used it. Damn

  31. Sooo… is it Windows 7?

  32. Oh God this takes me back.

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