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Getting Started Tutorial – Windows Live Movie Maker

Everything you need to know about working in the new Windows Live Movie Maker environment to get started.

33 Comments on Getting Started Tutorial – Windows Live Movie Maker

  1. Back then I used to be in PMV contests

  2. It's in 720p…

    OH. MY. GOD!

  3. Nope for that I gonna use viva video instead

  4. Mate… with all due respect to your knowledge, I can't help but get extremely angry with your presentation. Crikey! you sound like a bloody chipmunk on drugs!..fair suck of the sav mate, I really want to hear what your talking about…. slow down!

  5. I am able to add my videos but when I click play they don't show up in the left hand box. It stays black and I can see the scrolling of the bar on the right hand side with no sound. Do I have the wrong file type? They are MOV files from my iphone.

  6. Streaming from Windows Server 2012R2 Essentials

  7. Microsoft you know how you recreated paint for windows 10 as paint 3d why not do the same with movie maker for windows 10 like you can add a timeline, events and addons like chroma key, and maybe even a mask generator but that might be too much, like a windows 10 remake of movie maker like paint 3d would be perfect you can even add a feature like add 3d models to you videos to better edit the layers of the timeline or way to share and edit movies with people that are creating indie or short films like im just scraping the bottom of the barrel here there are so many possibilities here

  8. Very slow program. Takes so long to load a video fro editing. Then once I finished, it took just over 4 hours to save a 58 minute video, and it still wouldn't open in media player. I did the exact same steps I did last week for a short video, and that one worked. WTF is up with this inconsistency?

  9. Pourriez-vous me donner un lien qui peut installer cette version de Movie-Maker. sur mon PC Vista Elle est formidable et facile avec un léger apprentissage. Je l'ai perdue et impossible de le retrouver. C'est toujours le 2,6 qui vient et il est nul à côté de celui-ci. Merci

  10. New version just shows red x when you add videos

  11. Thank you for such an informative video!! nice work

  12. I have made a view and want to put it on you tube. What do I need to do to get started in the process to the actual insertion to the internet?

  13. It dosen't even give us the download link..This is stupid.

  14. how to adjust the Megabitz?

  15. so did you program this yourself or did somebody help you program it.

  16. Windows Live Movie Maker is hard to start off with,  especially if you're not an internet person and don't use it much, but for experienced people like me I can give you guys tips and tricks along with watching this excellent tutorial. Well come on, I managed to make an MLG Movie on it so it is quite advanced.

  17. Can u insert pics to ur photos and videos? If yes, how? Please reply!

  18. what's a zune? lol rofl

  19. Thank you for a quick and yet thorough walkthrough of the software. Thanks also for not blaring some awful music in the background as well. VERY helpful tutorial.

  20. how can i stop the music when the video is time to show up..i want it stop when the video start to hear the sound and make it continue when it ends…for the pictures..pls..answer here our contest is on monday..nov7 2016

  21. What version of Windows Live Movie Maker is this? I don't see "Auto Movie"?

  22. Hello,i am addicted to live movie maker,but once i did instal another program it went away.Why i dont know but now i cant download live move maker again and i dont know why,can you or somebody help me?

  23. The preview window remains black. I cannot see the video in it. What am I doing wrong?

  24. How i can stabilize my video

  25. how did u click on all your photos?

  26. Good video. It's one of the very few that are actually sensible.

  27. Can you change the clip speed in Windows Movie Maker?

  28. I popped a boner from his voice

  29. Thanks a lot! I've been wanting to switch to another editor for a while now and this helped a bunch! 🙂

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