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GIMP 2.10 Basics: Complete Overview Tutorial for Beginners 2018

In this GIMP 2.10 tutorial, I provide an in-depth and up-to-date look at the latest version of GIMP as an introduction to the program for beginners. I cover how to download and open GIMP, how to edit your preferences for the best performance on your computer and the best settings for new compositions, and a comprehensive overview of the tools found in GIMP. This is the perfect starting point for new-comers who have just starting using this amazing, free photo-editing and graphic design…

20 Comments on GIMP 2.10 Basics: Complete Overview Tutorial for Beginners 2018

  1. UPDATE: I mentioned at the beginning of this tutorial that they hadn't put out a download of the latest version of GIMP for MAC users.. They have since released a MAC download! Just visit the GIMP downloads page in the video description.

  2. THANK YOU! This was/is a fantastic tutorial!

  3. Why do you utilize lewd pictures to demonstrate the features of the software? It's highly unprofessional. I'm flagging the video.

  4. Thank you. Amazing tutorial.

  5. At 20:40, what is the point of setting X/Y resolution per inch to 72 or 300 (or whatever) if you create an image of 1920*1080 pixels for digital use? I understand if you print it physically, but what does the PPI matter in digital display use of the image? I feel like I am missing some important point.

  6. will this help with creating 3-5 piece canvases ?

  7. Outstanding tutorial, but homie, you're making me crazy not being able to pronounce "alias".

  8. Hi…Im still figuring out where to download the building image? Can anybody assist? Thanks

  9. A very helpful video. Thank you! Great to know what all the tools do, and what the options are, when you move to graphic design and/or photo editing tutorials.


  11. Absolutely a great series of tutorials that resonate with me. Have gone over it numerous times trying to learn. I wouldn't be able to use GIMP with out these and I appreciate the effort. The only really tiny thing that zoinks me out is when you say anti-aliasing… ăn′tē-ā′lē-ə-sĭng. I'll get over it for the benefit of all the great teaching.

  12. hey there i use the free select tool to cut out image.When i add a background to it .It leaves a white outline trace of the subject..Any tips how to remove using gimp..Its some videos for it on photoshop shop, I think its called fringes or something

  13. How to save and use presets??

  14. now it's the "heel" tool ????

  15. That picture with the buildings and the art panel isn't one of the downloads…

  16. Oh man, I got gimp enlightenment

  17. Pls use highlighted mouse pointer…very difficult to see the pointer n where its pointing at..thats basic in tutorial videos..

  18. What an amazing video. Many thanks for this awesome work. Will def subb and check out the rest of the videos.

  19. Please help! The filters panel on the right side didn't appear after downloading the software.

  20. I have Gimp 2.10.12 and it is already a bit different than the tutorial's version

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