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GNS3 Tutorial – Getting Started with GNS3 on Windows 7 – Building & Saving Your Topologies

This quick tutorial is one step after installing GNS3 on your operating system. One you install GNS3 on your Linux, Mac, or Windows operating system, this tutorial (which is applied to all versions of GNS3) will show you how to use GNS3 efficiently.


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20 Comments on GNS3 Tutorial – Getting Started with GNS3 on Windows 7 – Building & Saving Your Topologies

  1. Why are the addressed called loopback addresses?  I thought that the loopback was just that checks to see if tcp/ip is installed on machine.  I am new to this so please correct me if I'm confused.  Thanks,

  2. Could u explain us abot strength of the Tool?

  3. Hi. When I try the command:

    copy running-config startup-config

    I get the following error. Do you know why this may be?

    Warning: Attempting to overwrite an NVRAM configuration previously written
    by a different version of the system image.
    Overwrite the previous NVRAM configuration?[confirm]

    Additionally, once I go through with this and save the project, I don't get a save confirmation in the GNS3 console.

  4. Hi, just installed a new GNS3 on my window laptop and I can't get any router inserted. What am I missing/doing wrong?

  5. hello i have problem in gns3 i can't insert any router can u help me

  6. "issues have been detected while starting nodes please check details" how do i solve this problem :|…i can't even start a device

  7. after installing 0.8.5 i found the Qemu is greyed out????…i don't work on GNS3 for Cisco as I already use another custom program for it but to use juniper I need it…how can this be done…

  8. Thanks very much for going to the trouble of making these videos. Very helpfull.

  9. They're greyed out because you haven't linked any of the routers to an IOS? You should watch my other tutorial which goes through every single step you need to do to get GNS3 working. Once you're done with that video, then come and view this one. My other video is titled "GNS3 Tutorial – Installing, configuring, then tweaking GNS3 on Windows 7". You can find it in my 'GNS3 for Windows' playlist located at the main page of my channel.

  10. ok lots of things are GREYED OUT i cannot even add a router on GNS3 this is my first time to use it trying to get use to it but I cannot add routers/Switches or anything can you please assist anyone?

  11. Very informative…thank you very much!!!


  13. hello sir,

    can we simulate access point in gns3? e.g. cisco aironet series. thanks

  14. from the experience I can gather, the fact that one has to put up a virtualbox (what you call as a "global setting" in one of your videos) ip address on the same network as the internal nic card on the ubuntu serve (which is configured with /etc/network/interfaces) and the ip address of an interface on a cisco router …is a QUIRK and is because Virtualbox does not officially support GNS3.

  15. If you want your videos to mean something, then you need to redo them all, as applicable, and show that your servers are perfoming the work of servers, with respect to the gns routers and storing snmp data from the routers, storing netflow data from the routers, storing syslog data from the routers, answering wccp requests with squid3 from wccp clients, etc. Best regards

  16. None of your videos can be construed as working (except the one about connecting to the internet ) unless a server connected to your gns3 routers is properly working with Cisco's wccp version 2 and netflow and syslog and snmp. Working pings between gns3 routers and a virtualbox guest host are completely useless garbage.

  17. 4) from cisco router with ip add of send your netflow data to 5) get your nfcapd up and running on your ubuntu server and use nfdump to output the data. I wasted 7 days trying to figure out why all your videos did not work.

  18. You have missed some key points with a Windows host and an Ubuntu guest operating system running in Virtualbox that is connected to GNS3. None of any of your videos handle the fact that a daemon like nfcapd (a netflow collector) will work as you display in your videos.
    From Virtuabox – file preferences 1) host adapter 1 ip add; 2) From machine settings, choose that host-only adapter; 3) on Ubuntu Server configure adapter 2 to ip address ……see next post

  19. Virtualbox comes pre-installed in GNS3 for Windows. What do you mean it says it's not installed? Have you installed an Operation System (i.e. Windows, Linux) in your VirtualBox? I have another video which shows you how to use VirtualBox with GNS3.

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