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Greatest Game of HORSE Ever | Brodie Smith

Everyone has played HORSE, but not like this.
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20 Comments on Greatest Game of HORSE Ever | Brodie Smith

  1. nice i like, ..

    i make fre kicksz t6he soccer, tenis, raquet ball, plis vissit mi cheanel i have parkinson and the videos, help one fundation movimientoican tanks and congrats……..

  2. You know they using lines

  3. sanford terry bulldogs?

  4. ข้าน้อยขอคาราวะ เทพจริงๆ

  5. How many blobbers?

  6. Cool shots but in HORSE u don't get as many shots as u need to make it

  7. Wow that's crazy how you do that ??????

  8. Reallife Aimbot xD

  9. Who else thought the ball went through the wall at 4:20

  10. way better then dude perfect…

  11. This is not a Real…This is Fake

  12. legendary shots …………….. ROLL TIDE

  13. Jak nazywa się ta piosenka

  14. do they actually make these on their first try?

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