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GT SPORT: How To Win Every Race Online (Tips and Tricks Guide)

This guide will show you how to win every race in Gran Turismo Sport Online 2017. While not all races may be won online, all races that are won use these tips and tricks! Hopefully you find these tips and guidelines helpful in GT Sport and you start winning races online! Some of these tips on how to win races may be obvious but overlooked while other may be unknown! If you feel this video deserves it leave a like and subscribe for more content, Comments and any feedback are appreciated!


42 Comments on GT SPORT: How To Win Every Race Online (Tips and Tricks Guide)

  1. meh
    best tip i've got on gt in general was "get a wheel"
    and you don't even mention that
    i know some people can manage wins with a controller but mostly people with a controller hit a wall and just can't find that extra second in their hot laps

  2. How do you know if a race has started? Lobby on my screen is not the same as the screenshots in the fucking manual?! Nowhere does it indicate whether practice is still open, or racing had started? Also, why no qualifying? In every single lobby I see, it has practice, race, practice/race (what does it mean when they're written together like that?) and free run – no mention of qualifying?

  3. they need to add a option where you can change flag and represent another country.

  4. …I thought I came here to receive a password to win all the races …but no.

  5. Im pretty new to this game but last night I was in 3rd place 3 laps to go and had to pit to refuel. Came out of the pit into 7th place and held it to finish. Did I do something wrong or what? Did the dudes ahead of me avoid the pit somehow?

  6. The way I win is play bumber car

  7. Haha I'm the guy showing off ???????????? what are the chances I'd come across this video lmao

  8. you sound a lot like Nico Rosberg

  9. Practice the circuit with different cars until you find some that fits wih your driving style
    Be consistent let others make the mistakes.
    Avoid wars you can't win (they might crash later).
    Don't go at 100% all the time because you're pushing to the limit whch means mistakes

  10. Judging from your performance in the video……you shouldn't be giving any driving advice to anyone.

  11. good vid but I'd use anything that helps tire wear.or both

  12. Your doing a video on how to get higher rankings in GT SPORTS online whilst your driving SUCKS !!! Maybe a tip from me….First learn the track and learn to drive better.A lot better !!! You drive like an absolute noob.You lose controle over the car more than once.You don't seem to know your brakingpoints,you don't seem to know jackshit about drivinglines and cornering…Just saying.I don't want to be a dick,but this video sucked balls.PS : And at least buy a decent steeringwheel,..playing GT with a controler will never give you the feel you'll have playing with a wheel.It's SO MUCH BETTER !!!

  13. this game is hard…

  14. Qualyfing good is not necesarry I once went from 14th on the grid to 2nd at the chequered flag

  15. Why sould i turn off the traction controll it doesn't make any sence.

  16. Agree with qualifying but I use some assists and have won over 1000 Sport Races….. (use a controller not a wheel)

  17. wow who was driving in this video? a lobby full of 8 year olds or something. id feel embarrassed to post a race I drove that badly in on my YouTube channel. I literally just post a compilation of Red Bull Ring wins I have had recently. doubt I hit a single car in any of those races.

  18. Thanks a lot, learning to turn off traction control really helped and putting abs on weak made my driving smoother

  19. You haved you're blinker on

  20. How to win: git gud

  21. I know. Buy srt tomahawk

  22. If you do not have a wheel and pedals, you will be fucked in an a online race..

  23. TCS on 1 is fine. Higher then that leads to arcade driving feel and it slowes you in corners pretty much. For FWD and 4WD cars I turn off TCS, and for powerful RWD cars I set it to 1. Cars still oversteer when you push throttle too much, but it's a little bit easier to control then when TCS is on 0. I'm using DS4 controller.

  24. Pro tip: Use assists if you're using a controller. You may be slightly slower, but no assists on a controller is just going to hurt you in the long run.

  25. How much traction do you use?

  26. 4:56 dat guy infront of u r.i.p
    Lesson learn to be show of or you will get karma XD

  27. Sportsmanship rank Z ?

  28. Any tips about the car settings? (according to tracks). I've managed to drive without assists but I can't seem to find the right settings for the cars.

  29. something is wrong, or im still a rookie. in the Qualifying the fastest car is Always 10sec. or more faster as me, and in the race i can choose any car and im still too slow.

  30. Qualifying really is very important. It's worth waiting for the next race some times to get a good qualifying lap. Then it's just about staying calm and like he said don't get in battles if u can help it.

  31. Lol, r.i.p Rajkahn. That was hilarious

  32. LOL pure bullshit, I beat you in 9 out of 10 races races using a controller! It’s experience and skill princess nothing else

  33. Great lessons – thanks! How about the one-make races ….. how can I gain an edge in those?

  34. Have you ever competed against viper concept?

  35. C – C lal…????????

  36. I've done 120 races in Sport mode and i've only managed to win 4 of them. My opponents always seem to have more acceleration than me, I can't even keep up with them using slipstream. It's almost like everyone else is in the race and i'm just some dude they need to overtake now and again.

  37. to give advice how to drive mabe first try to get by yor self S S?

  38. Just put traction control on 2 and its easyer with much stronger cars and u dont lose speed much!

  39. When can I change my driver contract and how

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