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H1Z1 KOTK Cheats/Hacks (ESP + AIMBOT) **RELEASE 8/28/17** PRIVATE!

I am the ONLY one selling these hacks these were privately scripted.

-Stable connection
This H1Z1 Hack has no problems with disconnecting you from BattleEye secured servers and you can play without any problems.
-Aimbot Assistance
The Aimbot is fully customizable that will make aiming easy but still look legit with low FoV, distance check and recoil control for easy rampage.
-ESP / Wallhack
See where other players are hiding and find the best loot before everybody else. You can…

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8 Comments on H1Z1 KOTK Cheats/Hacks (ESP + AIMBOT) **RELEASE 8/28/17** PRIVATE!

  1. What do you have to pay to get it???

  2. I don't really care if you cry.

  3. whats the fun in this

  4. Leet hack :3
    +Rep Sync & Cool hack !

  5. +rep one of the best cheats im purchased. Havent been detected and game runs smooth with the hacks

  6. +rep amazing cheat

  7. Interested in purchasing? Contact me below:
    DISCORD – (best contact)

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