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16 Comments on Hack Any Windows Network w/ Responder

  1. Excellent video! Well done intro, solid examples, well explained actions and processes, overall excellent, excellent job.

  2. if i have captured the hash but not cracked it, is it possible to load the hash into metasploit here and use that without knowing the password?

  3. Does this work with windows 10 machines too ? Tried it a few days ago… but no hashes were captured at all… Any ideas ?

  4. I'm gettin dis error Error starting TCP server on port 80, check permissions or other servers running.

  5. Access is denied…SMBDomain, SMBUser and SMBPass are correct.

  6. nice, but im a little confused, should pc target to open attacker ip on his browser? or the target can open anything website (url) on his browser?
    #Fast Respone
    #Need Answer

  7. Nice video, but im a little confused, can responder collect this data only when there is a domain or can it collect this login info on a regular network

  8. This still works? not fixed? I mean why Microsoft shouldnt fix this?

  9. what is the smbdomain and i set it to WORKGROUP it didin't worked

  10. hi,i try this tool on network with 20+ pc's,nothing,any idea

  11. Can you use responder successfully from Windows hosts? e.g. python.exe As this only works on a local subnet, you might need to get credentials from one subnet using responder and use them to RDP to another host e.g. in a data center and run it from there where you dont have your handy Kali box.

  12. still, this working these days ?? I think that the victim must have some conditions for a successful attack.

  13. Awesome vid, subbed.
    Could you make any video about network sniffing? I found some tuts but theyre all shit, and dont work(chrome says network is monitored and you cant load pages)

  14. Good video! Keep it up

  15. Nice intro! ????

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