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Hack Windows XP / Server 2003 with Kali Linux [Metasploit]

Today I will show you How to hack Windows Server 2003 /XP in a network using kali LInux..

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10 Comments on Hack Windows XP / Server 2003 with Kali Linux [Metasploit]

  1. Well I found $3654a making system that is really working:(just go to) Great work…

  2. I looooooove you
    u made my day .. and helllllped mee tooooo much XXXXXXXX

  3. external ip, set LHOST?

  4. hi
    I always get this message after I run exploit
    I tried multiple exploits/payloads but no luck

    Message " exploit completed but no session was created"

    any idea?

  5. Does this work outside of wlan with extrenal ip

  6. sorry , why my terminal say
    [*] Exploit completed, but no session was created.
    can you help me ?

  7. Pretty good video.My school is using this old server version – now im a admin :3

  8. Really, nice video. Keep it up.

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