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Hacking a USB RFID-Reader for Microcontroller usage

Just a short video how to hack a cheap RFID-Reader to use it in µC-Projects

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13 Comments on Hacking a USB RFID-Reader for Microcontroller usage

  1. I love smart peeps!

  2. Wouldn't displaying the code be a potential security risk, as there may be a way to spoof the valid code?

  3. Is it possible to write a tag with it?

  4. can you share some code ?

  5. Could you please share some more information?
    I have the same reader and would like to do this to.

  6. Hi,
    the data_ready is going to high level if a code was read out from a RFID-Tag. You can use it to trigger an interrupt on the connected microcontroller. And of cause you can use your Arduino board with this.

  7. Dear MasterFX2000!

    What does the "data_ready" pin do? Is this code works with Arduino(Atmega328)?

  8. Agora fiquei mais tranquilo em comprar este leitor, pois se depois resolver usar via serial para microcontrolador, já sei que funciona, de acordo com seu vídeo.

  9. The USART is only used for reading out the characters, there is a little bit more for parsing and lcd routines, but nothing complicated.

  10. by "writing some code" do you mean a code using the AVR USART?

  11. Hello! This is just what I wanted!
    Thank you!
    Could you send me the source code?
    I would like to do the same thing with Arduino!
    Can you give me any suggestions? Thank you!

  12. This is vedeo i am searching..Ti is good for me and it is nice

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