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Hacking internet to its limit at 8 MBPS per sec.

THsi is the indias fastest internet speed by hacking web server of particular ISP and Extending it from 1 MBPS to 15 MBPS per sec.if you guys want this trick and wanna make your internet faster than like my video (i will check who has liked) comment me and i will send you details ….on your mail.

20 Comments on Hacking internet to its limit at 8 MBPS per sec.

  1. DUDE that's MB/s not mbps .. 😛
    and i get over 150mbps download speed

  2. i liked it… please tell me how to do it..

  3. haha is he joking man.. only 8mb/sec

  4. hi i am indian help me to increase the idm download speed

  5. If it is real then tell me. Not requesting just prove it.and if u don't wanna prove it then please tall me

  6. bro send me the trick …on my mail id

  7. "ZOMG my download speed was 1kps now it's 900mbs! THAAAANKS!"

    Cut it out you assholes.. -_-

  8. Pls send a detail to me how u make the internet so fast

  9. madarchod teri gaand mein daal teri speed kho

  10. pls send me details

  11. plz send this….i have a wishnet connection..

  12. how you use internet download manager hmm give me on email.. please

  13. i have liked please send me the trick on my email id

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