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Hacking into NASA

A hacker accessed secret documents from the united states government involving their communication with extraterrestrials.

Back in around 2001 a resident of the united kingdom known as Gary McKinnon made it his mission to access information he believed was being withheld from the public about free energy UFO’s, extraterrestrial contact that the united states was holding.

Gary discovered that apparently NASA and other government/military agencies in the united states didn’t have very good…

20 Comments on Hacking into NASA

  1. It was probably that hacker known as 4Chan

  2. So the pleb hacked into government pc's and forgot to press print screen – load up paint, edit paste. Some hacker lol Just for that, he deserved to get arrested lmao.


  4. 2 yrs hacking thats all he found. crap hacker

  5. He's speaking in tongues !! It's a frequency thing ! He must be a Christian.?

  6. gary the galloping goat was a hoax, to get us believing there are aliens. they are not aliens, they are shapeshifters from the fourth dimension. djins! the earth is hollow, and inside is the garden of eden. the queen is a fucking lizard and princess diana had nice tits.

  7. the image you used as the thumbnail was an entry heat sheild.

  8. Isn't he an actor?? or was..

  9. Is this UFO thing really real or did you hack to get it

  10. lol.. I don't want to be a dick, but if the dude narrating all this (and essentially, the one comprehending and relaying all this supposed data, to the public) can barely even read a script, I'm assuming he wrote himself, without sounding a 3rd grade foreign exchange student reading a new language for the first time; ehhh, I think I'm gonna have to side with the, "this is horribly produced nonsense by someone who has absolutely no knowledge about true "hacking" or how it's even remotely performed, let alone the intricate details of actually finding and decrypting any remotely useful" theory.. or in other words, "you're an idiot" theory.

    Gary should spend some time and enroll in a basic computer networking class at a nearby community college, and then try making up a new youtube story again..

    I'll still give A- though.. For f*cking AWFUL.

  11. When I saw the thumbmail i was like "Oh god please dont say thats a UFO its a fucking heatshield godammit"

  12. So he can hack NASA but he cant get a screen shot?

  13. even the stealth bomber from images doesnt look manmade though and looks smooth… it could easily be a ship they are working on or that works that they dont want to be telling various other countries America is a very secretive country especially when it comes to military or nasa, also did print screen not work at that time? i would have been pressing that asap as it was coming up personally if i was looking for evidence (yeah i checked, it was working, so i call bs, he hacked them but didnt find anything real or valuable)

  14. Pretty sure PrtScn and Paste into Paint worked back in 2001

  15. dont you think we deserve to know what the government is hiding like if they don't tell us we will eventually find out

  16. IT ILLUMITATI comfermd

  17. print screen has been working as far as i can remember. he could have save it like that

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