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Hacking the Samsung Galaxy S8 Irisscanner

Mobile vendors have established fingerprints as a biometric feature to unlock smartphones. Now they turn to iris recognition, as do hackers. This video demonstrates how to circumvent the iris recognition of the Samsung Galaxy S8 flagship phone only using basic tools.


28 Comments on Hacking the Samsung Galaxy S8 Irisscanner

  1. The only solution here is securing your damn smartphone.

  2. did i miss something? the eye on the picture is lightened from the bottom, but in the demo i guess its from above (sun)? im not shure about its enought to use a cheap camera from 5 meters away..
    dont get me wrong, im shure it works, but not that easy..

  3. We can track the tiniest variation in computer mouse movements to verify captchas but we can't track the movement of the eye/eyelid/blinks to distinguish between pictures and people? These cameras use IR as well as light in the optical range so surely the camera can track the eyelid movements to verify authenticity, even in the dark? Or maybe Samsung are 100% content with their iris scanner they refuse to acknowledge any security flaws with it.

  4. Lol. U can't unlock it with one eye ball.

  5. OK I You unlock the phone but who the h*** is gonna have A picture of a person's From the Specific device ex: someone steals my phone how the hell they are going to get a picture of my eye

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  7. Damn yall went through a lot just to do this

  8. How were you able to apply the contact lens on the paper and showed it to the iris scanner vertically? I tried it many times, but it kept falling down on a normal a4 sheet of paper. And when I applied the lens from the solution, and dried it up for 2-3 seconds on some tissue absorbant, the little bit of solution left in the lens kind of destroyed the quality.. Although I used an hp deskjet 4650 🙁

  9. That's… a lot of work to circumvent this security measure. I mean, every thief must have an infrared camera and the consent of a Samsumg phone owner to take a picture and then go through all this stuff to unlock the phone.
    While Iphone X thief just has to accidentally bump into you on the street and flash the stolen phone for a moment.

    What really bothers me – is why do these things exist in the first place? See, anyone with multi-thousand worth stuff in data is smart enough not to put it on a phone. Period. Just… nobrainer there.
    Secondly, if the loss of the product occurs, most of the time things are manageable by: locking your credit card, locking your sim, locking your phone, using a password manager to change the passwords – basically everything to make sure the data is safe BEFORE all this "touchface ID" bullshit.

    Thirdly, if the loss of the product happened as thievery – then… is it really supposed to be pickpocket? Because let me put it plainly, if an owner of a precious device with lots of data on it places it in a very compromised environment – the thief won't be as much preoccupied by breaking the phone in half than the owner feeling sheer idiocy for actually allowing the phone to be lost.
    Remember, it's not about the data they steal, it's about the phone you lose.

    Finally, if it is done in assault, then these features are absolutely pointless. It doesn't take a lot of brawn or skill to incapacitate your target, silence them or hide your persona while you are at it. And this gives you total access to your target's fingers and face. Nobody needs to die to be taken hostage, but the phone will be unlock right there on the spot. Besides, in these same circumstances, it's not that hard to simply beat the victim into a mental disability. Use of chemicals, extreme pain, drugs, brain trauma – and he will lose memory just fine.

    What will these security features do then? Ah, yeah, sell more phones…

  10. This video needs more views..

  11. Hackers post this because in terms of security ANY phone locking technique is a bullshit. But vendors keep doing this humanity dumbification. If you want REAL security – never store any important data in your phone. But vendors do not want you to act like this, they want to steal your personal data themselves.

  12. Take the test on the Face Id of the Iphone X

  13. S8 isn't safer !!!!! Dangerous !!!! It's very bad !!! Not perfect !!!

  14. For fuck's sake at 0:17 the dude was looking at a fucken big camera . HE WAS LOOKING TO THE CAMERA DIRECTLY . So shut up all of you Apple fanboys . Apple sucks and that's the truth . Samsung makes your screen retards with no headphone jack ✌

  15. this is fake because you need the 2 eyes to unlock does not work just with one!

  16. Mac user = Samsung haters. LOL

  17. What said Samsung?

  18. At first, I thought it was a fake but then I tried to unlock my S8 with one eye and it unlocked… DAMN IT.

  19. but takin someone's iris is very difficult.. one thing that they took a photo of that person but the real eye is from another spot another lighting.. actually they are making a stupid video.. don't you notice that..?

  20. If someone wants in your phone that bad, they would probably just kidnap you off the street and torture you until you unlock it for them.

  21. I was subbed to the now closed cccen channel for the English language lecture spots.

    Thought it was legit.

    Is there another official channel on YT, Vimeo etc for pure EN content?

  22. Everything can be bypassed if the right technology is used. You can copy someone's fingerprint and unlock his phone with it and you can use programs to find phones' passwords. My point is that nothing is completely safe and unless you are the president of the United States and you keep your nuclear plans in your phone no one is going to go that far just to steal your phone

  23. And the next step is : An app who convert regular pictures to "ir look alike" and display at 1:1 with a software lens based on the gyro…

  24. First the exploring battery and now Security breach
    Even an Xperia XZ has the better rear camera, with a 19MP lens versus the 12MP found on the S8 and S8+.

  25. Advertising a printer.

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