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Hacking with Burp Suite – Tutorial 1

Jason Haddix gives a beginning tutorial to Burp Suite, part of a larger tutorial series that will teach you tips and tricks for using Burp Suite to hack on internet bug bounties. Have any questions? Post them on our forum:

Stay tuned for more Burp Suite Tutorial videos, we will be posting more over the coming weeks.

32 Comments on Hacking with Burp Suite – Tutorial 1

  1. could this work to intercept info from an android or ios game. particularly to see hidden values?

  2. Can you fix it i can not see anything


  4. Is it possible to use burp to answer a blackboard quiz?

  5. i couldnt see the video due to small ..please make it large

  6. Fuck your full hd resolution, dude. I fucked my eyes watching this video.

  7. Watched your video and started getting this to work – Thanks

  8. useless video … you idiot you are uploading a video with caption hacking with burpsuite and you are teaching other stuffs … and you are doing this for others and your screen resolution is only visible to you , I think you are a big stupid and I don't know what you people want to prove (( I think you are thinking yourself over smart but the fact is you are a big big hogwash anti IT element)) If you don't know how to teach and you are poor in explaination then why you are doing all this stuffs .. and your voice is also so weak and poor … I have a question for you ——>>when you are going to fuck yourself…..

  9. Thanks, a great video describing how to initial Burp Suite. it just is a bit unclear.

  10. it doesn't makes me navigate when i set up the proxy!!

  11. i have problem by loading the password txt. it gets stuck!!

  12. WE NEED IT BIGGER PLS! (yes, that's what she said.. ) No really, it's way to small bro… 🙁

  13. hlw thanks my teacher but i want i software that u can send i massages every mobile phone???

    plz tell me

  14. i even tried in 720p the texts are not clear and i still get error

    C:Users$PaRoW>java -jar -Xms2g"C:Users$PaRoWDesktopburpsuite_free_v1.7.01beta"
    Invalid initial heap size: -Xms2gC:Users$PaRoWDesktopburpsuite_free_v1.7.01beta
    Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine.
    Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit.

    i also tried Xmx
    pls get me the crct text

  15. Where's the second video

  16. have you seen your video before publishing?? its a pitty,,

  17. When i set my Proxy to 8080 i can´t connect to youtube because it´s unsafe.What should i do ??


  19. Where is the tutorial 2?

  20. Potentially good tutorial..if you can see what is going on…even in full screen screen I cant make out what's going on..

  21. Thank you for the video 🙂

  22. I'd like to please see the command for Windows clearly typed out or at least say "space" when there needs to be one. I'm much more used to the Linux directories and CLI but I don't want to do any bruteforcing or dictionary attacks on VM ware due to memory restrictions. I had also already downloaded Burp Suite last year so I'm going to have to get used to allocating it more memory on Windows.

  23. When should we be looking for part 2?

  24. Great video, I can't wait for part two!

  25. Thanks for the video , but the view is too small

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