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How to ACTIVATE Any WINDOWS without PRODUCT KEY 2017 (ACTIVATE Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7)

►I Have Activated and Installed my Windows 10 Using Genuine Product Key from: , It’s the cheapest way to activate windows, I recommend
“How to Activate Any Windows Without Product Key 2017”
If you want to Activate Windows but you don’t have the Windows Product Key, then in this video I will show you How to Activate Windows without Product Key. Just Download & Run a Small Program called “Microsoft Toolkit”. Activate Windows 10, Activate Windows 8, Activate Windows…

25 Comments on How to ACTIVATE Any WINDOWS without PRODUCT KEY 2017 (ACTIVATE Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7)

  1. I just activate my windows 10 from use a key. after i used my windows works properly.

  2. thanx man .. its worked..

  3. will it work on windows 8 pro

  4. Why Stop Antivirus?

  5. it wirked for me. Thank m8 🙂

  6. but i have windows 7 ..what supose to do for product key??

  7. i followed all the steps, but the windows still didnt activate

  8. Great Vid bro,
    I had to transfer my hard drive to a new gaming PC and did not have a product key because I bought it used. this work just great.

  9. Hey Bro Its Taking Too Much Time To Compleate

  10. can this work for windows 7 ?

  11. Thanks bro, its working you have like from me. Had I not found out about this program, I would never activate Windows because of my malicious license

  12. Thanks, works great

  13. is this real, does it work?

  14. how many MB is micrcosoft tooklit if i download it?

  15. windows 10 pro 2017. All keys i find are rejected. Please help

  16. it can work without internet

    I subscribed

    help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee



  17. I am having problem with Sign- in in my windows 10 pro after getting restated automatically. It is showing that – Sign in service cannot be loaded. Why? Can you help me please…?

  18. You know what you are a genius one. I have a question, that is can i use this process several time?

  19. u are awesome thank u so much
    hope u could help me if i need anything else

  20. <Cannot Activate because this product is incapable of KMS Activation.>
    dude help pleeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase ?????

  21. Thanks man looks like it worked 😉

  22. Great job man, respect for you

  23. Quite good video, awesome!

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