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How to Backup Files in Windows 8: File History

In this video I’ll show you how to backup files in Windows 8. We’ll go over how to setup file history and see how easy it is to use revisions. File history is included in Windows 8.

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28 Comments on How to Backup Files in Windows 8: File History

  1. Will this process delete the exisiting data from external drive or not ?

  2. How on Earth do you exclude the libraries and back-up other partitions? This is so fucked up, I don't want to back up my libraries and desktop!

  3. I enabled the SecureBoot in the bios, so the watermark is gone now. But BitDefender is still not working properly.

  4. I have never used OSX since I've never owned an Apple computer, but yeah, distros should not try mimicking windows.

  5. Sure Tim. I'll see if I can dig up that pic.

  6. DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL is usually a attached device or driver not functioning. Does it leave a log in c:Windowsminidumps ?

  7. Actually haven't encountered this one before. May wanna post a question over at eightforums . com

  8. Thanks Jeff. It was a pain at first, but I'm loving it now.

  9. As soon as linux starts supporting the gaming scene a bit more. IMO every distro should try to mimic OSX's ease of use.

  10. Man, I'm so fed up with Windows, and MS's bullshit lately. 7 will be the last version of Windows I'll ever use. Ut's Linux (Manjaro) all the way from now on.

  11. Another good video Matt. I still haven't upgraded to Win 8 yet.

  12. Matt, I just updated my Win 8 PC to 8.1, and I'm getting a watermark in the corner telling me that the secureboot is not correctly configured. Do you know of a solution? Also, my BitDefender active virus control is no longer working after the update.

  13. I have a Windows 8 laptop and when I updated to Windows 8.1 I randomly keep getting this Blue screen of death and it restarts automatically here's the error message I get

  14. Thanks for the tip Matt. I have some family and friends that have Windows 8 now and its great to learn that it comes with utilities like this. Also, can you post a picture of yourself as the scarecrow?

  15. The gaming PC?
    I5 2500k
    16 GB RAM
    2 SSD's in Raid 0
    1 SSD
    1 Nvidia GTX 770
    Windows 8.1

  16. Damn, thanks man.

  17. "Windiows 8" in the description.

  18. I don't care about File History, just want my Shadow Copy back like it used to be in Windows 7. Now I must use ShadowExplorer instead… Thanks Microsoft!

  19. Im glad i got a 1tb external hard drive

  20. Thanks Krista. I'm going to grab a new mic this weekend. I sound to muffled I think.

  21. ugggg…2 down votes…oh the hate.

  22. Good video as always. You speak so nicely.

  23. Thanks, glad ya liked it.

  24. I do, did my upgrade last week.

  25. Great Video Matt, Like always.

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