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28 Comments on How to Boot into UEFI BIOS settings in Windows 10 and 8.1

  1. Sir I am unable to install win 10 in my Hp 8440p. When I installing it's gives a error signature of devices unverified

  2. FFS I can’t leave the bios setting when I exit it it goes in again

  3. some computers you can hold down f12 to get to bios or hold down shift+f12 or keep pressing it when you turn on computer if f12 dont work try holding down shift plus f12 when starting computer

  4. there is a simpler option : shift key while clicking "restart" in the power menu. Worked for me

  5. Can you make a video for the shortcut without logging into windows first?

  6. The UEFI option is not available under advanced options. Where could I find it?

  7. I tried multiple ways to get to my BIOS but unfortunately I have a virus more than likely that's blocking me from getting there. Is there anything I can do to remove the bad file or do I need to see a professional technician. I hope I don't because I don't have the extra money to give. I was thinking about doing everything my own but it looks very confusing to me. Hope you can give me some helpful tips!

  8. Not to nitpick…but BIOS and UEFI are different things.

    It would be just "How to Boot into UEFI settings in Windows 10 and 8.1"

  9. I Cant get to desktop anymore how can i entre Advanced Startup? Or how can i completley reset windows from bios?

  10. No UEFI BIOS settings in Windows 10

  11. I have Acer Aspire E15 it says the vga is 1.5 GB Radeon R6 but it only shows 512MB of it as a video memory and in the BIOS menu the VGA wasnt found how can i apply or enable all 1.5 GB of it? Thanks in advance

  12. I'm hoping you'll have more videos on the UEFI setup so I can boot into a USB or CD to try out some Linux OS's. You mentioned some time back you were going to do this in future videos. Do appreciate your videos……. keep it up!

  13. Just what I was looking for. Thanks

  14. I do not have an UEFI button to click on. Fresh install!

  15. HAVE A DELL E7240 windows 10 is booting on legacy mode nee to change to uefi mode

  16. I need to get to my boot so I can run android 6.0 off of my flash drive it told after my iso down load go to boot menu on my pc and chose  usb thanks if you can help me out

  17. It worked for me.. Thanks!

  18. if you have to go to windows 10 to use the UEFI and you set to boot off a usb how do you go back to the UEFI

  19. hello , i cannot find a UEFI BIOS in windows 10 14339.10 redston x64enterprise , how can i enter in bios, i want to enable virtual assistant hardware thats for to play pokemon go on memu player on windows it need these virtual assistant enabled in bios but where is a uefi option i have windows 10 redstone x64 enterprise everyotions and many options what to click to find a UEFI ??? …and pokemon go …help me ….

  20. How to tell wether it is uefi or bios. It looks pretty much the same. I cannot understand why is uefi so much more better than the ios.??

  21. Are you using a laptop?

  22. How i can enable virtualization on that sir? Btw im using msi laptop. Sorry if my english is bad hmm

  23. Mine pc doesn't start cuz of a windows error. So i want to reinstall windows from a usb but that does not work it still says windows error.

  24. this doesnt take me to a bios please help

  25. The UEFI option is not available on last screen. I am logged in as Admin as well. Trying to make Windows use all of my Ram.

  26. my computer dont have UEFI setting, how to enable this UEFI mode?
    in 'advance option' have , system restore, system image recovery, startup repair, command prompt, startup setting and go back to the previous build? how? thanks

  27. I don't have UEFI FIRMWARE SETTINGS. What do I do to get into BIOS now?

  28. i dont have uefi settings.. how to do it?

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