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How To Burn a CD or DVD on Windows 8

Learn how to burn a CD or DVD without any third-party application on Windows 8

Check out the step-by-step tutorial on

46 Comments on How To Burn a CD or DVD on Windows 8

  1. When I start burning, it says "you don't have the latest firmware to burn files". Someone help me out

  2. Thnxx alott really helpful

  3. Will it be able to read on DVD player

  4. Can these steps ok on Mp4 format

  5. Thanks so much! This 100% works for anybody wondering! Great help!

  6. I seem to be fooled

  7. itsays "the write speed for the recordable disc is either too fast or too slow" please helpme anyone tom?

  8. thank you so muchhhh!!!!

  9. it becomes a data cd not a DVD to play in dvd format

  10. This saved me. thanks 🙂

  11. Thank you, very helpful.

  12. Thanks!!! You helped me a lot! I put some songs on my CD, then I put the CD in my car and the car broke. Maybe it's because I didn't burn the files to the disc before I put the disc in the car.

  13. Thanks!!


  14. Why doesn't my MANAGE button appear???

  15. Thank you guy, you save us…

  16. Thanks 🙂 this help me

  17. Thank you sooooo much this video really helped

  18. when i copied ppt on cd and burnt it, and then put in the cd again, the ppt wasen't there in the cd, and one cd was wasted

  19. Can we use windows media player

  20. this doesn't make it a dvd…. i put it in the dvd player it doesn't play… someone explain please

  21. thanks it is so useful !!

  22. Thanks man . So useful , no chit chat just tutorial .

  23. win med player does NOTHING….wth?

  24. Thank you.Your video was most helpful.

  25. THANKS!!!!! Worked

  26. Yet another video where the comments don't get a reply? I did this, but it became a data disc anyway. Won't work in a DVD player. Windows needs official DVD burner software.

  27. Yay, I just burned my first CD without Nero thanks to you

  28. does this work for making mp4 files playable on a dvd player.

  29. "Finish Burning" does not appear on mine.
    I also noticed you've failed to help anyone else in this comment section. You should probably help us..

  30. After I click on "finish burning", it takes me to windows media player, not the one shown in the video. I burn it from wmp, but it doesn't play on any cd players. Why does it take me to wmp instead of what is shown in the video? Is there a way I can change it?

  31. Why won't a disk burned this way play on my blu-ray DVD player?

  32. the "finish burning" part does not available to click. what should I do? is that going to effect the cd/file in it???

  33. I have a problem, when i double click on the dvd, it's opening dvd folder, what i have to do?

  34. I´ve seen at least two discs which had got music copied and then inserted onto. If this technology was widely available – it´d be easy for people to do it. We all hear about the next door neighbour who can do it but we´re never told precisely how and when we try – the cd player or the dvd player won´t play the file. My advise for people who hope to be able to burn or rewrite cd´s or dvd´s is to develop the technology themselves and stop waiting for others to do it. Until then we´re simply going to have to buy the cd´s and dvd´s directly from their sellers.

  35. So fucking confusing when it says the disk is ready to be written. It's like… WHAT THE HELL DO I DO? How do I execute this? What the fuck.

  36. Can you burn videos on this?

  37. Oh thanks this helped!

  38. i went to put my mixtape on it it gives me only recording speed for 8x and 24x and when i try to burn it it tells me that i got an error

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