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How to bypass lost forgotten admin password in Windows 10 or 8

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42 Comments on How to bypass lost forgotten admin password in Windows 10 or 8

  1. Will I kose my data if i do this?

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  3. Where do I find COMMAND?

  4. Windows Password Reset in 3 Easy and Simple Steps In Less Than 5 minutes Dont Loose any data now. >

  5. thank you, it's work very well guys

  6. Does the password stay tho?

  7. Awsm bro…. tnx a lot

  8. Thank you this was very useful!

  9. what if you dont have it well is their a fuckin another away

  10. I had to look this up for a client. I was going to use some of my tech/hack software but the disk I have it on is badly scratched. I'll give this a try when I'm at their house this evening.

  11. I cant login to my admin account through pin, It says the Pin was typed incorrect too many times when i haven't done it. Also when it says to restart your computer to try again it doesnt work and still says im unable to type in my PIN because i did it wrong too many times.

  12. hey its the first video that works I can't believe it

  13. Followed the instructions to the letter. Even to this day I'm very familiar with DOS commands but for some unknown reason it had no effect on the password removal. I even tried it twice in case I missed a keystroke. Nothing doing. This might have something to do with Windows 10 security update as my attempt is 2 years post publishing this video.

  14. Thanks a lot! It helped me

  15. When im trying to rename osk.exe it says the file cannot be accessed by the system

  16. Very useful…keep it up. The idea of replacing on-screen keyboard with cmd prompt works awesome!

  17. Every time I click on command prompt it always asked for a recovery key someone sold me the laptop and they dont no it either

  18. Thank you 🙂

  19. Thank you so much i was locked out for a week before i found a video that actually worked

  20. i need to login without changing password

  21. supper blurry

  22. what is the use of ren?

  23. It Worked! ✅ Peace of ????
    My question is can we get Admin's existing password instead of changing it? Is there any command which we can use?

  24. I'm taking my laptop everywhere, if someone steal it can he use this to crack my win10 pass? is there any way to prevent it ?

  25. Can someone obtain the Administrator's/owner's password without resetting it?


  27. But not working for me… plz help plz…… when I tap on command…. the monitor screen is black.

    ….. plz anyone help me

  28. My mother locked herself out of her brand new Acer laptop. The dumb part is she used a fake recovery phone number with the microsoft account (WHY). No problem right? Wrong. It has secure boot 🙁 I'm trying to boot from a USB drive with a Linux distro… no such luck. Can we disable secure boot without having access past the boot menu?

    Is it possible to reset the computer? (so to speak). There's no personal data to be lost (brand new, remember) so if it can be reset to the way it was in-box would be lovely. A reset process with about the same relative ease as resetting a scientific calculator 😛

  29. how do you reset admin password when you need it to change anytype of settings

  30. i had an error message: "the system is not authoritative for the specified account. . ." is there another workaround?

  31. How do you revert the changes made in this video to the on-screen keyboard?

  32. does this method work on an x64 system?
    How can I revert the process?
    thanks in advance

  33. Hi, Maybe you can help me. I have an acer computer and I use windows 10. I did the system recovery, after this a new logon screen started showing up (Administrator), I didnt create this user and I was waiting for the windows new user configuration. Before this logon screen shows up, an error occured, see the message:" Winlogon.exe – aplication error" " The instruction 0x00007ff93180B4c0 referenced memory 0x00007ff93180b4c0. The memory cant be written". I really tried to reset any type of password that could be linked to the administrator account, I tried it through softwares, and also tried this method that you have shared with us. Do you have an ideia about what i can do ?

  34. Thank you very much! You saved me from resetting my computer completely thus losing my files. You helped me so much!

  35. this worked great! Thank you very much. BTW you can download the ISO file from Microsoft to be able run this.

  36. Thanks a million

  37. im completely locked out.. everything i do needs admin previledges especially to start cmd in admin mode. the only account im using is a local user and a guest. and i dont want to reset windows. is there any way for me to solve this?

  38. How do I get pass when it wants my system password and press enter. It won't let me go into the setup or F2 or f12 without putting in the system password which I totally forgot. I can't get to my bio's or anything internal?

  39. Lost the pass to the admin. not connected to any Microsoft email, and if it was it has been deleted.

    I've tried many passwords for months and I couldn't find it.
    No other admin account is available or activated.
    .cmd won't allow me to activate default admin account.

    I only have the user account, but it's not admin. i can access that although, but that's it. No admin control.

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