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How to Change the Default Fonts in Windows 8

In this tutorial, we are going to change the default fonts of windows 8. We will show you how to make changes and adjust windows registry options as well. By following the steps shown in this tutorial, you will be able to make change and replace windows fonts with your desired style of fonts.

Follow this step by step guide to learn How to Change the Default Fonts in Windows 8.

Step # 1 — Selecting the Run Option

In the first step of this tutorial, move your mouse cursor to the bottom…

45 Comments on How to Change the Default Fonts in Windows 8


  2. It's not working.

  3. How do I use the default font? I want to use it but it doesnt change anything

    (it was automatically replaced by a random font D:)

  4. Goddamn it. It doesn't work an inch.

  5. This is not windows 8.

  6. Well I know that they are the same but it Is still a little weird that he is using windows 7 when he said window 8 But they are the same so it don't matter

  7. is it working on 8.1 ?

  8. Well I tried to do it for Windows 10 but it failed. I don't know why :/

  9. Good! Thanks!! 😀 Now ill find a better font for the Vertex Theme for Win 8.1.

  10. My favourite font is Papyrus.


  11. nope..fonts do not change!#

  12. Why the hell would windows give us all these font and we can't use them. This something straight out of a comic book. Where they find these people.

  13. All i want is my damn comic sans.

  14. can any one help me…m getng my font to much large on windows 8 🙁


  16. Nothing happened

  17. IT DOES NOT WORK.   Change you show is very easy to make, and it does not work.  Fonts do not change.

  18. not working in win 8.1
    give other solution

  19. If there is not a Segoe UI font,this is sucks!

  20. Didn't work for me…

  21. I will not be denied! Its hooked in Binary. No dice!

  22. Hello, can you please help me? My problem is i have my main monitor and my tv connected to my pc, the font of my normal monitor is good but on my big tv the font is a bit to small. Is there a way to change it just for one display?

  23. it's no good; in 8.1 no fonts can be changed

  24. There is a program called "Windows 8 Font Changer" and it works great, you can change all the default fonts in Windows to anything you want…  I just used it and put on Helvetica Neue.  Looks awesome….

  25. There is nothing wrong with windows… you can change anything you want, just google ways too… Windows is by far the best operating system out there, thats why its the most used. Ubunu (linux) and mac os are simply not better because when it all comes down to it, its about gaming, and those OS's are simply not user friendly to the standard gamer, where windows is all around!

  26. how to change default font??

  27. AAaaaand… My window header fonts have not changed (trying to change it to Helvetica Neue Medium(which I have already, don't ask))

  28. My number 1 disappeared. If you can see !1! you are alright, but I can't… 11111111111111111111111111111111111111  <<blank to me. Can't see the ….. DOTS either. Tried changing the font but it didn't change……1111.1.1..

  29. What's messed up is I was able to change fonts and sizes in windows 8.1 with the old "Window Color and Appearance" dialog up until recently. I've gone crazy trying to find it again, was I hallucinating when I first did it a couple of months ago or did it get removed in a windows update?

  30. By the way everybody that just watched this video, it doesn't work. Sorry.

  31. how do you change the size of the font ?

  32. microsoft the company targeted at idiots (for all of us)…! what logic has to be unable to change the font in a simple way; LINUX GNU forever… change everything you want simple and fast..!

  33. Bullshit. Something I could do within Control Panel on any other version of Windows I have to fuck around in the registry to do in Windows 8?

    Get wrecked.

  34. TRIED Comic Sans MS bold. Gonna reboot now.

  35. man! there is no folder named as FONT SUBSTITUTES … 🙁

  36. didnt work, it does nothing. Its still on default font.

  37. what a load of shit you are microsoft!! what the fuck is wrong with all you fucking people who design these new operating systems!!. windows xp is by far the best and you don't even have the fucking brains to build off the good you already had.
    how fucking simple is it really to give to user control over display options in a simple manner like in XP. FUCK microsoft!!!

  38. «Windows 8 Font Changer» is the best way to change the system font. Use it, bro

  39. It changes the font for windows only it wont change it for websites. If you want to change font for websites like Wikipedia, YouTube, etc. go on your browser options.

  40. Nope won't work for me.

  41. You had me at "change font with regedit"

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