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How to Cheat Windows Store Games with Cheat Engine

Most of you are having a problem when trying to cheat Windows 8 Store or Metro games with Cheat Engine. And the problem is Cheat Engine can’t list the Windows Store game you’re trying to cheat in the processes list. And this is the solution!

NOTE: That Start button in my taskbar is Start8 by Stardock.

ModernMix (by Stardock):

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37 Comments on How to Cheat Windows Store Games with Cheat Engine

  1. is dat windows 8.1?

  2. oh, you also play robotek. What would happen if i used cheat engine in multiplayer mode, to modify the health ?

  3. thank u too much u r awsome

  4. sir pls make a video on how to hack tribez using cheat engine on windows 8.1

  5. hei man how is the name of this downloader

  6. is there an app like modernmix in windows 10?

  7. nice tutorial, but too much spam.

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  9. solo me deja para windows 8 y tengo el 10 q ago ?

  10. How to get so much spam:
    Make a video on how to cheat windows games.
    BOOM spam.

  11. Firstly, to the author of this video, please delete all the spam links in the comment section. Second, there is no reason to download software for this. Just use task manager, locate the process "game.exe", for win 10: right click: go to details. The pid will be there. convert the pid to hex and then go to cheat engine go to process list long, find the game and you're done.

  12. only an idiot would do this!!!! far easier to use cheat engine and pp up your task manager and if you cant find it in cheat engine find it in task manager then take the pid # bring up calculator put in the pid# using dec. on calculator and then convert the # on the calculator by switching the dec. to hex. on the calculator it will show the # to look for in cheat engine more than likely its under a name with task.exe thats my experience but no reason to do all this! it takes me less than a minute to find where my games are this guy just doesnt know how to find his games and probably refuses to READ the operating manuel for cheat engine i see this with 90% of people who say it dont work or it doesnt show up! it does 100% its called dont be LAZY!

  13. Add Unlimited Gold, Silver and Wood to your clash of lords account get mod at you guys should try it i already got mine really works. How to Cheat Windows Store Games with Cheat Engine

  14. can you hack gems in royal revolt 2 windows games please i need that badly

  15. Does anyone else notice that he has a windows 10? XD

  16. I hacked but after changing value by cheat engine the value comes backkkk please reply

  17. will this work in windows 8.1?

  18. Have you ever tried using Cheat Engine on "World at Arms" for Win8 apps?  CE sees the directory fine, I can locate numbers to enter but it doesn't seem to work (for me) at changing the coin or other values.  I was curious if someone with more experience using CE has had any luck?

  19. Windows 8 only fool

  20. its for windows 8 only

  21. it diddnt work on win7 pc. anyone help?

  22. ok this is total bull** yes you can find the process for the windows 8/8.1 apps. first off many of the people that are trying to do this but cant arent utilizing their TASK MANAGER. secondly in CE 6.3 when searching for the Process you want to hack make sure that you select "Process list (long)" that will pull up EVERY process that is currently running on the computer. 

    now here is the tricky part. in the task manager for window 8/81. it doesnt tell you the process name like it does in earlier versions of windows. however you can right click and tell it to display the process names. after doing that all you have to do is search through the list of processes and then determine which of the active processes is the correct one.

  23. do not give me a virus

  24. I tried to use cheat engine, but it doesnt work all most all of them

  25. it works from windows NT/2000 till all new versions. but the games are only on win8, win 8.1

  26. till windows 8 it was just a name of a game,app,program i dont know on 8.1 but must be still the exact name.

  27. the windows 8 games still show up its just under a different name like template or . something weird so you dont have to download it. you just have to look for it on the process list

  28. This is Windows 8! 😉

  29. can it work on window 7

  30. How can I find the process of the game?

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