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How to Compress Files in Microsoft Windows 10 / 8.1 / 7 | The Teacher

Microsoft had introduced Compress Zipped Folders option with Windows 95. This small inbuilt utility is useful to compress one or more files to a single zipped folder, which is useful for reducing the size and instead of emailing someone a bunch of files, you can compress them into a single file and send him the zip file, which the email receiver can easily extract on his computer.

In this tutorial, you will learn to create compressed zipped folders. You will also learn to add more files to…

34 Comments on How to Compress Files in Microsoft Windows 10 / 8.1 / 7 | The Teacher

  1. I have not the option to create the compressed (zipped) Folder… Problem????

  2. 4Q-2019: I think rt-click "CAST TO DEVICE" should do this automatically. No, I was looking for video compression for SHARING to social media. But ZIP works for other needs. Carry on. 🙂

  3. Yeah,fantastic–compression is about 0.5% of the original–don't waste my time!

  4. Where did the Registry Keys folder come from? I followed the steps all the way up to there and you lost me. Files already in compressed folder, what is registry keys?

  5. So picture files are already compresses huh? My phone has really good photo quality with it's pics and the pics can be 5mb big. I tried compressing them and it barely did anything. I guess I know why now.

  6. In our opinion winrar is the best utility in order to compress the files and folders and it also provides you the ability to protect your zip file with password.

  7. lol sounds like the computer voice from Subnautica but younger

  8. Savior! Thank you a lot!

  9. That was helpful thanks


  11. its not working in windows 10

  12. actually I have to send the content typed in notepad through a gmail using zip folder so how can I do that .

  13. Compress folder option is not coming on my context menu bcoz I installed winzip but now I have deleted the win zip but the compress option is still not coming. How to enable it?

  14. So I don't need the WinZip software to compress the files? Is this like the alternative way?

  15. i cant find the compressed zipped folder when i rightclick

  16. this video help me a lot

  17. It helped for something I really needed to do! Thank you!

  18. Thank you! Needed to transfer a file to edit a video and this video showed me how to do just that 😀

  19. Nice video, thanks, another tutorial about the same subject can be found here:

  20. Could you tell me,How to download more than 1 E-mails from Gmail at once?

  21. Awesome IDEA…I Love it

  22. Hi, do you know how to cut down the size of files in windows 10 as well? I mean, I used to have all my folders caption in blue instead of black and it used smaller space to compare with current amount it's using right now. And it was in Windows 7, btw.

  23. Thank you soo much!! you just saved me $29.95!!!

  24. i have windows 10 and the option does not appear. only winRAR and winZIP are there

  25. When I go under "New" compressed folder doesn't show up and I tried sending the file into a compressed folder, but that didn't work ether.

  26. Thank  you so much, I'm using this so I can compress my files on a single USB drive because I will reboot my pc. One question, does it work in game files?

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